cheapest broker to trade euro fx futures - CME

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  1. hi,

    currently my broker charges $20 commission with zero spread using meta trader

    i just want to know if there's other broker out there that's cheaper


    Interactive brokers & tradestation does charge cheaper but you have to pay for their platform and 1 tick spread

    as for my broker the platform is free and no spread as i mention above

    thanks alot :)
  2. Opra


    Zero spread? Do you get instant fills at the price you want to buy at the bid and sell at the ask?
  3. what do u mean instant?

    execution is 1-5 sec which is not the best in the market perhaps

    well metatrader platform what do u expect

    it has zero spreads so can't be bothered with the bid/ask :p

    anyone know's cheaper commission?
  4. Opra


    You need to be more specific on how your execute a trade through your broker.

    Or did it occur to you that your commission is not cheap for a reason?
  5. ssblack


    You aren't trading futures, you're trading CFD's which are a sandbox market and not the real thing.

    Most futures brokers are in the $6-8 range for Euro FX I think?
  6. yup that is true...

    it's a CFD

    doesn't really matter if i make money right?
  7. $5.70 for IB bundled, I haven't seen lower.
  8. 5.7 + 12.5 = 18.2

    i think tradestation is cheaper hmm :confused:
  9. KGB, you need to get around more.

    Here are some PUBLISHED rates, in no particular order, for futures instruments, CME specific where available. In any case, these PUBLISHED rates are better than $5.70 RT, all-in for the instrument in question. Negotiated rates can be better.

  10. Not a big savings...
    Cheaper by 10 cents per side.
    Cheaper by 8 cents per side.
    Cheaper by 2.5 cents per side.
    Cheaper by 19 cents per side.
    Cheaper by 3 cents per side.

    And you have to look at the whole picture when comparing rates. How many of them offer FF - 25bp on futures margin & idle cash? I'm guessing none (MB is a paltry 1.5%, practically a crime). Not interested in saving pennies if I'm losing hundreds in interest every month. Most don't offer foreign markets either.
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