Cheapest broker on ag futures ?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by TraDaToR, Mar 10, 2007.

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  2. I am thinking the old adage. Never judge a book by it's cover.

    The Best SCAMS come in the prettiest coverings.
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  3. Yes. Open ecry was giving a special a few months back and they were offering $3.80 round trip for emini's. With free charting. If you don't believe us, then call them yourself. I think their regular rates are only $5.00 round trip without the special. They also have a chat program built into their free charting software they give you, in case you have questions.
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  4. Good grief, man.

    You're in the *AG FUTURES* forum.

    Posting in a *CHEAPEST BROKER ON AG FUTURES* thread.

    What does eminis have to do with it?!
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  5. Aww cut him a break. He was thinking about Mini Corn and Mini Soybeans. :D
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  6. I just got a quote from Global Futures thats under $6 roundtrip for Ags
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    Could you please advise the fee of 6$ per round turn from Global Futures is per contract or regardless the number of contracts you trade?

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  8. Per Contract.

    And I was quote UNDER $6.00
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    Thanks for the information. Finally, I'm happy with what I get. There is no real difference among big brokerage firms.
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