Cheapest broker on ag futures ?

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  1. If IB is 6.10 roundtrip and Open E Cry is 5.96 roundtrip, that certainly qualifies as UNDER 6 per SIDE.
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  2. But OEC charges an extra 20 cents per contract if you hold a position overnight.
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  3. And thats STILL Under $6 PER SIDE.....or $12 RoundTrip
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    Sorry, I was thinking RT for sure.
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  5. No Prob.

    Cant see why .10 is a major deal. One tick of movement and your RT fees are covered in most ags ('cept the minis and Soybean Oil, Butter and Milk)

    But I am not challenging your desires. OpenECry is great unless you are overnight.

    However, if you open your account with Ecry with 50K or more, then you get MUCH better all in rates

    As high as $2.62/ contract RT. or as low as $1.62/ contract RT with ECBOT contracts and no overnight fee.
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    OK, I just asked if there was some brokers that were significantly lower than others. I'm fine with TS at 6.06 RT.

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  7. Please, dont get offended, I wasnt trying to offend.
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    Oh, not at all... I didn't thought that. Even if someone is teasing on me, I may not understand subtleties since I'm not american.

    Thanks for your informations, Giles.
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  9. Ahh. Fair enough. I have a friend in Spain and I spend a lot of time explaining some of my terminology so that he clearly gets me.

    Here is a link to the page of info I referenced in my previous post
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    Thanks for the link.

    In fact, OEC was my former broker. I was trading YM at the time( 2 years ago ). I can recommend it : Good rates, good fills, good customer support...

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