Cheapest broker on ag futures ?

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    I've been interested in trading electronic ag futures lately, and I would like to know what the best level of commissions you can have on CBOT products for example.

    I trade with TS with 3.03 $ per side at the time.

    Thanks for your advices.
  2. IB is at $6.10 RT and Open E Cry is at $5.98 RT.
    Those are the only two I have personal knowledge of.
  3. the cheapest broker is the one that makes sure you get filled at the best possible price.............
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    On electronic contracts, I think there is no fundamental difference among brokers. You buy at the current ask and sell at the current bid...

    Execution speed is not so important in my opinion. You just pay the bid/ask spread and slippage related to speed can be positive as well as negative.

    That 's why I look for the cheapest broker.
  5. $3.80/rt at open ecry, no fees for data or charting. That's the best deal I have gotten so far. Everything is negotiable.
  6. I find this unlikely unless you're an exchange member or doing an *INSANE* volume. CBOT's fee alone is $3.50 round trip on ag futures. I find it hard to believe open ecry will clear you, place your trades, and let you hold for $.15 each way.
  7. Sorry, I pay $.99+exhange fees for ags. Was trying to post to a different thread. $3.80 is for ym and es.
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    Thank you all. So it's difficult to get under 6 per side, right?
  9. you might also want to look at a broker who does both electronic and pit trading access. nothing worse than having ecbot go down and there you sit
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    I'm new to ag futures. Thanks for the advice.
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