Cheapest broker for OTCBB trading?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Alphafar, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. Alphafar


    Hello all of you,

    I'm looking for a direct access broker that offers cheap prices for large volume trading (+20,000 shares).

    Kind regards,

  2. noname


    i don't think theres a such thing. Direct access? how could there be direct access to OTC? do you even know how it works?
  3. Alphafar


    Why wouldn't it be possible to trade the OTCBB using direct access???
  4. noname


    beacuse otc is just a bunch of brokers making phone calls *sarcasm*
  5. Alphafar


    I have to admit I don't have any experiences with the OTCBB market. So the only way is to trade via the regular brokers?
  6. just21


    Archipelago recently announced they were going to trade otcbb electronically. Nasdaq cancelled there computerisd trading system for otcbb.
  7. noname


    well there yah go, I had no idea about arca, so maybe you can find one now, but I don't know who or where.
  8. depending on the interest many stocks that trade otcbb are available with a direct access platform through ISLD ARCA wcom and km to name a few...however, i woudl never use a DA platform for that unless you were looking to scalp a few subpennies quickly...say you buy 10000 shares of a 10 cent stock on arca....thats going cost you 40.00 to 50.00 just to enter the trade on arca, not to mention your firm's commission. of about the same.....You 'd be better off finding a firm wiht a MAX rate or flat rate on all transactions like BROWN and Scottrade ect..
  9. jaiko