Cheapest binary betting service?

Discussion in 'Options' started by sj8070, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. sj8070


    Hi all

    am testing out a new strategy so would rather use binary betting than options

    anyone know the cheapest (spread) service?

    Am with one-two-trade at the moment... really not great, hoping there is better out there
  2. swag


    Nadex in US, betonmarkets if international. checkout forexfactory forums for binary options broker talk, much more discussion there rather than here.
  3. xyannix


    I saw an ad recently on for one the companies.

    Personally, I stay away from Binary and only trade real listed ones, on proper exchanges.

  4. FSU


    SPX and VIX binary options are traded on the CBOE
  5. FHS


    didn't they pull the plug on these?
  6. FSU


    No, still traded at the CBOE, but very little volume. Still some opportunity every now and then. I actually have the entire open interest in the VIX Binaries, (BVZ)
  7. FHS


    thanks for the reply, can you please help me understand more. I'm in TOS and BVZ shows no options. where are the quotes. I'm interested in binaries for the s&p 500 in some capacity.

    Even then, they don't appear to have daily options like nadex, which is really what I'm interested in doing.

  8. FSU


    Unfortunately TOS does not allow trading in the BVZ or BSZ. They did at one time, but they were creating problems for their risk department. Their risk programs were having problems identifying risk of loss as only $1, so they stopped allowing their traders have access to them.
  9. FHS


    interesting, thanks for the reply. where you get quotes? at cboe? thanks.
  10. FSU


    You can get quotes through the CBOE. I get them through my trading platform, WEX and REDI.
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