Cheap way to buy Ethereum

Discussion in 'Cryptocurrencies' started by lojze, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. lojze


    Which is cheap/wise way to buy Ethereum or other crypto currency?
  2. just21


    How much do you pay per kw/h for electricity? Miners with the lowest cost electricity win the crypto game.
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  3. lojze


    I would need to check.

    But in order to mine a reasonable amount I need good PC, low electricity price, ... And then in one month I get how much Eth coins?
  4. algofy


    There are some calcs online, do some searching.
  5. vanzandt


    I'm seeing a trend here in this (cryptocurrency) forum for the last week....
    Everyone is taking an interest in buying crypto-currencies for an investment.
  6. Can someone please explain cloud mining for ETH to me? Genesis, for example, sells mining packages --2 years for $ xxx depending on MH/S--- I am not understanding how this works---- I pay $50.00 for 24 months and run a cloud based crypto mining operation?? something seems weird to me about this.

    I can understanding buying/selling it for speculation , but cloud based mining? Why don't they just mine it themselves rather than sell subscriptions to the equipment--- is anyone doing this here-- ?

    Can someone please fill in an old guy on this newfangled stuff? It looks legit, but obviously I am not understanding the business.

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  7. DTB2


    I don't quite get it either surf.
  8. jj90


    Think of it as buying stock in say a gold miner.
  9. Here4money


    I see it as crowd funding. You're buying into the mining operation to buy equipment & pay the electric bill. In return for your investment you get coins mined.
  10. joederp


    Interesting...anyone know of a good introduction to a simple payback model for mining costs of Ethereum, versus current market prices?

    Starting with PC hardware, electricity costs, etc. is understood, but where are the intricacies of the mining process?
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