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  1. OK, I have no life :D Many of you probably already know this, but you can do a little searching on the sec web site and take a look at some of the holdings of some banks and, you may ask...
    start here ->
    ....look in the section labeled "Filings and Forms" -you will see an item named "Search for Company Filings" it
    ...It will take you to a screen that has a menu item labelled "Most recent filings" that link.....
    it will take you to a search page that has a place you can enter "Form Type" - enter 13F-HR in that text the radio button that says "Exclude" and then hit the "Retrieve Filings" button. At least for today the first few listings are boring...but, if you click the link that says "HTML" next to "Central Bank and and Trust Co" you will come to a screen that will have a link that says "form13f0909.txt" click that ....on the page you come to...scroll down and take a look at the holdings of "Central Bank and Trust Co."


  2. Sorry, I have to ask - did anybody try this?

  3. I tried it, I don't see anything out of the ordinary.. what am I missing? Also, wtf, do you just do this randomly when you're bored or what? :p
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    Why dont you just post the interesting .txt file

    some of us have lives and need to rely on insomniacs like you.

    so pics or gtfo!
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  6. I also like squrly's comment :D Correct - I at least admit I have no social life LOL!!!

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