Cheap subscription for NASDAQ Daily List

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by kanonka, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. kanonka



    Where can I find cheap subscription for the NASDAQ Daily list? Nasdaq wants insane $500/month for this, but that for 1-500 users. Being one user I find this price ridiculous :(

    Is there any where subscription service offering same thing for the reasonable price?

    Actually, all I need is the:
    - list of stocks being delisted
    - list of stocks that will change the symbol (old sym/new sym)

    If in addition to that I could get some divident info, it'll be nice but required.

    And yes, I need this in automated form, so my software can download it automatically.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Bob111


    QP2 doing pretty good job keeping lists of stocks up to date. you can use either their dll in your application or simply print lists every night.
    they do have dividend info too.

    or you can use yahoo for it, but some programming will be required
  3. kanonka


    Thank you!

    I don't quite understand how I can the info I need.
    I see CUSIP data in the equipty data fields, and I can test symbol names by CUSIP, but as I understand, nobody guarantees that a) CUSIP exists for all symbols and b) CUSIP is always mapped correctly to the symbol. Is this correct?

    What I was looking for was some list in a form:
    Date Old symbol New Symbol
    10/3/2005 MTF MTU
    tomorrow MTU none (delisted)

    I do my own programming, so it's OK if it is needed, but I just need to have [reliable] cheap source for such a data.

    Where exactly I can get it from yahoo (or somewhere else)?
  4. mnx


    Will this help?

    You should be able to compare yesterdays list to today's to find what's new etc...

    - mnx

  5. kanonka


    No, this will not help.

    I download full list of symbols from OT every day, but it will not help me to match (for example) "SUNW" to "JAVA" when such transition occurs. If symbol retains CUSIP, then I can do the match, but if both symbol AND CUSIP change, I have no way to do such a match. Also, I'm interested in historical changes, not just changes that will occur "tomorrow".