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  1. What are the safest and cheapest stocks? I don't neccessarily want penny stocks, but maybe stocks under $5 that are relatively safe. For instance I am looking at FNM because the government has proven to me that they are not going to let them go bankrupt. What are some other good ones?
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    FWIW - This is a misnomer

    Stock prices are neither cheap nor expensive – they just are

    You can loose just as much on a 5 dollar stock as you can on a 300 dollar stock Sir – which is why risk management is “Most” important

    If you must find a certain price range – use Yahoo finance or any myriad of other stock research sites

    And there are no "safe" stocks when price is going against you

    Just food for thought
  3. cheap stocks tend to be the worst stocks.
  4. not sure if i agree with this statement. are they the worst because they're cheap? or cheap because they are the worst? one point you can't argue is they have more upside potential. how about, in my opinion it's a good play. only pink sheet I have ever owed.
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    Cheap stocks can become expensive stocks. AAPL went from $7 to $200 in 5 years. POT went from $10 to $240 in 5 years. CELG went from $3 to $75 in 5 years. DRYS went from $9 to $128 in less than a year and a half (and just went from $3 to $15 in less than two months).

    Sure beats 4% a year.
  6. Please ignore stock_trader.

    He doesn't buy cheap stocks.

    He only buys expensive stocks that become cheap.
  7. By cheap I'm talking about PE ratios