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  1. Lightspeed will increase their commission schedule from $0.40 per 100 shares to a minimum of $3 from January 15th.

    Most of my orders are < 100 shares, therefore my comission per trade will increase from $0.40 to $3 (7.5 times more expensive!!!)

    Do you know any cheap broker other than Interactive Brokers for trades under 100 shares?

    The cheapest I found is Just2Trade at $2.5, still a lot more than $0.4
  2. min $3, guess they dont want you pikers.

    whats your prob with IB, did they ban you?
  3. stock777,

    Your post does not add value, please refrain from posting.

  4. speedtrader , check em out>
  5. I B is very good but they r very strick in who they give margin.
    i still think $3 is cheap comparing to all the brokers $9.99 , $6.95 etc
  6. TradeStation has a $1 minimum (to compete with IB).

    Just make sure you understand their platform and data costs.
  7. I closed my account with speedtrader. Nuff said.
  8. Speedtrader at 0.99$ per trade then, thanks.

    How much would that cost to transfer each stock line from lightspeed to Speedtrader.

    Below are the Lightspeed fees. English isn't my first mother tongue, so I don't know which fee is for stock account transfer. If someone can help?

    ACAT Fees – Inbound FREE
    ACAT Fees – Outbound $50.00
    ACH Recalls / Reversals $30.00
    ACH Returns $30.00
    Certificate Fees $50.00
    Certificate Safe Keeping Fee $30.00/Quarter
    Conversion Fees (changing ADR to ODR) $25.00
    DTC Fees $25.00
    Foreign securities-ACAT Fees Variable
    IRA Annual Fee $30.00
    IRA Closing Fee $20.00
    Options Exercise Fee $25.00
    Overnight Checks (Domestic) $20.00
    Overnight Checks (International) $50.00
    Paper Statement and Confirm Delivery Fee (per mailing) $1.00
    E-mail Statement and Confirm Delivery Fee Free
    Pre Pay Fees $20.00
    Return Certificates $25.00/Item
    Saturday Delivery Checks $30.00
    Stop Pay Fees (W/D) (Only if check is equal to or less than 10 days old) $30.00
    Wire Fees (Domestic) $20.00
    Wire Fees (International) $50.00
    Wires Returned $30.00
  9. hoodooman,

    Why did you close your account at Speedtrader? Anything you were unhappy with?
  10. first it was this.:)

    then it was this :confused:

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    and finally it was :mad:
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