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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Bonpara, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. Bonpara


    Flame away about useing the search button but i have looked many times and googled this read webpages till my eye bleed. so i figured it would be easyer to just ask. Im useing alphtrade now and im starting to trade futures and need some cheap graphs in real time for the ES and ER

    Thanks for your time

    These are free or 7$ a month with no ads present. You need a data provider, however. I use IB and it is free for most data that I need (including eminis) but you need an IB account. There is a list of data providers on the site:

    You should use a quote source with a backfill option (not all will backfill data for you)

    hope this helps.
  3. shfly


    QT/IB is most likely the "cheapest".

    However, if you're using another broker and don't want to switch, you might want to consider QT and IQFeed. IQFeed is around $25/month, (no futures).

    Also, QT is free with an account at :
  4. Bonpara


    Alright guys thats great thanks. but my problem is that im not useing IB and im not alowed to have it opened up at work. I was wondering if you knew of any that you didnt need IB for?
  5. Ryan58


    Sierra Chart offers a cheap alternative. They are $24.00 per month and you can het the markets you are interested. I know they work with TransAct Futures and Infinity Brokerage.
  6. MattF