Cheap or Free Forex Data?

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  1. not looking just for CME currency data, but all cross rates and such as well. ideas? daily is ok for now, but intraday better.

  2. are you able to download data from there and get it going? i can only seem to get the intraday data going from the bottom. any secret instructions?

    when i request a symbol, say, gbp/usd, it won't work.

    anyone recommend anything else?
  3. Ensign just announced this new Forex Data service:

    FXCM Forex Feed
    by Howard Arrington

    Ensign Windows includes a free Forex feed from FXCM (Forex Capital Markets), who is a major player in the forex markets. This free feed has real-time quotes on the following 42 currency pairs....... (See Jan/07 newsletter)

    The real-time feed from FXCM updates with every change in a Bid or Ask. It is not a snap shot type of feed which updates every few seconds. This sets Ensign's implementation apart from the majority of others who claim to have a forex feed into their software. Ensign's implementation also has a refresh capability for tick based charts, intra-day, daily, weekly and monthly charts. Tick refresh is available for the last 100,000 ticks on each symbol pair. Intra-day refresh is available for the last 4 months. Daily, weekly and monthly refresh is available for the last 14 years (from May 1993 for most symbols).

    The coverage of symbols are 21 symbol pairs from FXCM, and the inverse relationship for these same 21 pairs. So while FXCM broadcasts data for 21 symbols, the feed from Ensign will give quotes on 42 symbols. These 42 symbols will show on the Forex market group quote page. Click the big Q button for a quote page. Click the Forex market group button on the bottom of the quote page to show the Forex Currencies.<<<<<
  4. I don't have any problems with any of the timeframes
  5. great. thx everybody. using oanda for free daily and will check out the intraday options above.