Cheap Oil - Energy - Catastrophy

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What is going on?

  1. An accident

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  2. An accident and situational advantage

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  3. An accident and situational advantage and abiotic oil coverup

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  4. A strategic event designed for control and transition into a Carbon Monetary Syatem

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  1. I have been doing some research on a couple of topics prior to the Gulf crisis but associated. The lack of information from both BP and government seemed odd to me so I started doing some digging. The topic is complex, so I'll try to simplify matters to enable ready understanding. Here are some basic facts:

    1) First of all - it's important to understand that the earth's surface is comprised of many different layers below the ocean - oceanic crust, continental plate/shelf, basalt, magma and mantle. At 2000 feet below the surface of the ocean the temperatures are severely hot (1300 to 2400 F). Magma is what rises from beneath the earth's crust, under pressure, as a liquid lava flow and volcanic eruption.

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    2) Deepwater Horizon has drilled to a depth of just over 30,000 feet. The explosion emitted a great deal of methane gas, along with oil and debris.

    3) Organic matter is not found below 18,000 (organic would include oil)

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    4) In 1970 Russians drilled in the ocean to an astronomical depth of 40,230 feet and since then have drilled an additional 310 super deep wells, all in production. That area of production now exceeds Saudi oil production, making Russia the leading producer of oil, expected to dominate oil production globally for the next century.

    5) Russia had a similar deep water explosion, and used nuclear devices to seal off the pipe and flow. Since then they have had no additional problems.

    6) Since 1970 Russians found that as they reached what was thought to be the end of a well's life, the oil reappeared, and wells were restarted.

    7) There has long been a belief that oil exists at very deep levels under the sea and below organic matter, thus not from fossils, but rather, regenerating oil, called ABIOTIC.

    8) Big oil companies, their investors and others of special interest do NOT want the existence of abiotic oil explored - it essentially points to an unlimited, never-ending supply of cheap oil - which goes against the economic interests of oil companies and their investors.

    9) The economy of oil is a driving force globally - it is at the crux of energy needs; it is regarded as a demon force to be done away with by environmentalists; it denotes power to those who control it (and great wealth). It is and has been a political tool - in the US and most of the rest of the world. As such, those who profit from it need to debunk any idea of abiotic oil.

    10) Abiotic oil is generated from the earth itself - from its core, and is moved toward the surface (attainable depths) by centrifugal forces of the earth's rotation on its axis.

    11) Oil obtained from shallow drilling (less than 1000 feet) are derived from fossil debris and have a finite amount - once used, it is gone. It is thought that the Saudi fields are nearing their end.

    12) Because America has not pursued its own development (both shallow and super deep drilling) we are not in a stranglehold, at the mercy of currupt influences (political, industry, corporate) - and at the mercy of the errant green movement and environmentalists.

    13) 5 years ago NASA learned that Saturn's moon is loaded with liquid hydrocarbons (the primary component of oil and natural gas) far in excess of the earth's combined resources - thus, outer space exploration and creation of space mining operations makes energy sources unlimited and the US SHOULD be the first country to enter that arena but we have just had our space program ditched.

    14) in 2009 Swedish scientists managed to produce oil and gas not associated with biological ingredients, by simulating the affects of pressures and thermal influences found at the center of the earth.

    15) Oil and gas have been found in Texas at depths of 7 miles below ground - a depth at which fossil fuels could not exist or even seep.

    16) The volcanic eruptions in Chile and Iceland are believed to have changed the earth's axis and even minor changes can have huge impact on the earth's surface, deep within the earth, weather, etc.

    And now to Deepwater Horizon and the disaster in the Gulf.

    We have been given conflicting information, no information, misinformation since the beginning of this mess - notably the amount of oil flowing into the Gulf - and the fact is that we don't know for sure, but experts believe the amounts are far greater than we have been told.

    Below are two links to radio interviews with industry experts who report on some urgent details that everyone should know.

    Because there is such enormous pressure at the center of the earth, there are dangers lurking in this incident that the 'experts' and media are not addressing - once you listen to these interviews you will see that this has the potential to be the most catastrophic disaster on the planet during human history.

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  2. Pure fantasy and a sign of desperation.
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    I think you should just go back to retirement and go fishing or somethin....
  4. Research is research.

    Opinions with no research are the fantasy.
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    I read a lengthy article on this subject several years ago, very interesting.
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    unretired, what are your sources? I could rebut many of your points with real sources, but I'd like to see yours first.

    The biggest issue I have with your post is point number 1. If there was such a huge amount of energy just 2000 feet below the sea floor, why aren't we all bathing in unlimited geothermal energy?

    The deepest hole in the world, mentioned in your post, drilled by the Russians hit roughly 40000 feet below the ground. They had to stop because they ran into temperatures higher than expected.. 300*C.

    PS. Why can't fossil fuels be found 7 miles under the ground? That's where the good stuff is.

    Oh and Russia as the biggest producer of oil in the world? Again, let me see your sources.
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    I didn't read the whole stupidity, so let's just pick the most obvious:

    8) Big oil companies, their investors and others of special interest do NOT want the existence of abiotic oil explored

    Actually, it would be in their best interest to prove that there is still plenty more (not to mention cheap) oil aviable, so governments and businesses don't have to think about switching to alternate energy and electric cars.

    See? Your whole fantasy fails on a very simple logical argument...
  9. Some data that points to a real sad situation - and I can't help but make the point - Obama has been intentionally creating destruction of the US economy. Now his actions in the Gulf seem to support that he is intentionally allowing the situation to go to major crisis and destruction there too. What is going on down there, and the hampering and disregard by the Administration seems nothing short of treason.

    This from Gateway Pundit

    Determined to Destroy Gulf Coast Feds Shut Down Sand Berm Dredging!
    Posted by Jim Hoft on WednesdayJune 2320106:14 AM
    The Obama Administration continues to act as if they want the Gulf oil spill to destroy as much of the coastline as possible.

    – They have only accepted assistance from 5 of 28 countries.
    – It took the Obama Administration 53 days to accept help from the Dutch and British.
    – It took 58 days to mobilize the US military to the Gulf.
    – They shut down crude-sucking barges due to fire extinguisher concerns.
    – They ignore oil boom manufacturers that have miles of product stockpiled in their warehouses.
    – They only have moved 5 of 2000 oil skimmers to the disaster area off of Florida.
    – The president continues to hit the golf course ball games, hold BBQ’s and party while the coast drowns in oil. (video)

    And now the feds are shutting down the sand berm dredging off of the Louisiana coast.
    WDSU reported:

    More from WDSU:

    The federal government is shutting down the dredging that was being done to create protective sand berms in the Gulf of Mexico.

    The berms are meant to protect the Louisiana coastline from oil. But the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department has concerns about where the dredging is being done.

    Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser who was one of the most vocal advocates of the dredging plan has sent a letter to President Barack Obama pleading for the work to continue.

    This is not just illogical it is criminal.
  10. Arbitrary, Capricious & above-the-law

    Most lawyers, upon finding themselves on the receiving end of a judicial rebuke as scathing as the one handed down by Judge Martin Feldman in Hornbeck v. Salazar, would be spending the next few days in a dark bar. At the very least, a few sick days would be in order to avoid having to face co-workers until somebody else screws up a big case.

    Not in this administration. Ken Salazar wasted no time announcing the administration’s plans to appeal Judge Feldman’s well reasoned and easily understood ruling. Salazar would like us to believe that with a little tweaking, he can craft a new, improved moratorium that will pass legal muster. After that, he will spend some time relaxing at his unicorn farm.

    There’s no disgrace in losing a case when it’s been well researched and argued in good faith. Reasonable minds will always differ on legal issues. When the judge decries agency actions action as arbitrary and capricious—someone needs to be fired.

    On the record now before the Court, the defendants have failed to cogently reflect the decision to issue a blanket, generic, indeed punitive, moratorium with the facts developed during the thirty-day review. The plaintiffs have established a likelihood of successfully showing that the Administration acted arbitrarily and capriciously in issuing the moratorium.

    That didn’t quite cover Judge Feldman’s disdain for the manifestly deficient, in fact, counterfeit case presented by Salazar.

    The court is unable to divine or fathom a relationship between the findings and the immense scope of the moratorium. The blanket moratorium, with no parameters, seems to assume that because one rig failed and although no one yet fully knows why, all companies and rigs drilling new wells over 500 feet also universally present an imminent danger.

    If a plane crashes and the government immediately orders all flights grounded for six months, it would make about as much sense as Obama’s oil moratorium. The Court correctly pointed out that nobody yet even knows why the BP rig exploded, making it impossible to form a lucid argument as to why a moratorium is necessary to prevent imminent harm.

    Displaying an ambrosial sense of humor, Judge Feldman pointed out the absurdity of defendants’ argument that the incompetence and corruption of government experts enabled BP to operate its rig in an unsafe manner while asking the court to take their conclusions as incontrovertible proof that the ban is urgently needed.

    Then there is the vexing issue of outright fraud upon the court. Salazar tries to hoodwink the judge by presenting evidence that his seven experts identified by the National Academy of Engineering were recommending the ban. The Court graciously referred to this argument as a “misrepresentation.”

    ‘None of us actually reviewed the memorandum as it is in the report’, oil expert Ken Arnold told Fox News. ‘What was in the report at the time it was reviewed was quite a bit different in its impact to what there is now. So we wanted to distance ourselves from that recommendation.’

    Lying to the Court is a serious ethical violation.

    The plaintiffs, in contrast to the government, proffered compelling arguments entirely consistent with the law. They also made plain the harm to be caused by the moratorium in clear, concise and well supported language.

    The plaintiffs assert that they have suffered and will continue to suffer irreparable harm as a result of the moratorium. The Court agrees. Some of the plaintiffs’ contracts have been affected; the Court is persuaded that it is only a matter of time before more business and jobs and livelihoods will be lost. The defendants trivialize such losses by characterizing them as merely a small percentage of the drilling rigs affected, but it does not follow that this will somehow reduce the convincing harm suffered. Furthermore, courts have held that in making the determination of irreparable harm, ‘both harm to the parties and to the public may be considered.’

    The Obama administration has no intention of abiding by Judge Feldman’s ruling. Obama’s boss, George Soros, has too much invested in Brazilian oil. Brazil needs those idle rigs.

    Obama’s war against America will continue and increase in scope. Judge Feldman should be prepared for the Sarah Palin treatment. This regime, like all dictatorships, cares nothing about the rule of law. Our allegedly Harvard trained genius of a president can’t grasp the most basic principles of Constitutional law, nor does he care. That said, Judge Feldman’s ruling is a worthy read.
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