Cheap live charting service?

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  1. I am looking for a service that can do intraday charting in real time. I would only need basics like bollinger bands, stochastics, price channels etc...Nothing fancy like backtesting or order entry. I use IQ chart right now, but they don't do price channels. I would like it to update live, for example if I have a five-minute chart on, it would update the current 5 minutes tic by tic. Hopefully for under $100 a month. Any suggestions?
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    Sierra + Mytrack is about as cheap as you'll find.
  3. Quotetracker + MyTrack (or one of their other feeds)

    One problem with QT is the program only stores data for prior two to five days. No permanent data base and they are not going to change this in the future. (big negative) i have no clue why they wont allow program to build a data base but they wont do it.

    SierraChart WILL store in a permanent data base (big plus). But they don't have true TICK charts. The chart will update tick by tick but no true tick charts.
  4. OK here is a really dumb question. I ended up getting nextrend, which seems perfect, but I can't seem to figure out the SP 500 symbol. SPIC and SPX don't work. Am I an idiot or is the program messed up?
  5. Futures symbols ( e.g. ESP3'CM ) are made up of:
    Root Symbol ( ES )
    Month Code ( P )
    Year Code ( 3 )
    Exchange ( CM )
    - - - - - - - - - - - -

    The two most popular are
    ES - S&P 500 Stock Index
    NQ - Nasdaq 100 Index

    Valid trading months are March, June, September, and December
    Month Codes are: Standard / Globex (We use the Globex for the two
    contracts here)
    H / C March
    M / I June
    U / P September
    Z / T December

    Valid trading year is currently 2003 (3)

    Separator ( ' )

    Exchange - Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CM)

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    Chuck_T eSignal


    lots of indicators and only 40.00 a month. You can try it for free if you register ( delayed ).
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    SPX.X.......NexTrend has good data at a reasonable price. Good choice.