Cheap/Fast Recipes for Single Guys that can't cook

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    I've been looking for this type of info, without much luck ...

    Eggplant Parmesan:

    1 Eggplant ($1.89)
    1 box Italian Bread Crumbs ($1.89, use about an 1/4 of the box ~ $.45)
    1 Egg ($.05)
    1 Lemon ($.50)
    1 Jar of spaghetti sauce (use about 1/2, $1.25)
    1 Parmesan Cheese (use about 1/8, $.40)

    (Cost: ~$4.50, Less than a colon-wrenching meal from McDonalds)

    1. Cut off skin of the Eggplant, Cut into strips of 1/4 inch.
    2. Dip strips into whipped egg
    3. Coat strips in Italian Bread Crumbs
    4. Fry in oiled pan for about 6-7 minutes a side. (Make sure eggplant is soft)
    5. Squirt some lemon juice on them
    6. Cover in the pegmatite/maranara sauce
    7. Add parmessian cheese generously
    8. Serve with noodles, to make it a meal...

    (Enough Eggplant for 2-3 servings.)


    Kraft's website is really nice. My girlfriend uses their recipes all the time and they are quick and easy. You can signup for mailings as well and get stuff. I've even cooked a few myself and they are straightforward.
  3. Onion soup mix is about the most versatile staple you can get. I get mine from the bulk bin, but the prepackaged stuff from Lipton works well too.

    Use it as a base for all your cooking. Make a meat soup with it, or carrot and or potato soup, or just make the onion soup and pour it over the top of raw leaf veggies.

    Use onion soup to cook your rice or pasta with instead of plain water.
  4. And don't forget those breath mints.
  5. He did say “single guy”.:D :D
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    Where's the meat?

    Whats for pudding?
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    mix with sour cream and it makes one hell of a dip....
  8. Food Network's Rachel Ray

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    is that the make a meal in 30 minutes chick....dayum..she be looking good...
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