cheap(er) gas & Christmas vs every thing else?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by 151, Oct 26, 2008.

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    Its November practically. Gas is 2.50 or less.

    Wives across the nation are going to buy presents for Christmas I do not thik they arent ready just yet to give up on it.

    The cheaper gas should put some cash in peoples pockets for a little while, I think it will get spent on Christmas.

    What happens next?
  2. The oil and car companies think that they may have killed the goose that laid the golden egg. Lets hope so.

    I am planning that by 2010 I might never have to buy more than a few gallons of gas in a year.
  3. Gm and Ford take the 25 billion the goverment is giving them and they produce the biggest SUV in US history.
  4. How big is that Mercor? About the size of the Queen Mary.LOL
  5. Gm and Ford SUV has a second steering wheel in the back, gets 3 MPG.

    Then in 3 years they will wonder why their broke again
  6. So in the last two weeks gas has fallen about 50 cents a gallon. Since about 12.5 gallons fills up my tank, that means I save about 6 bucks everytime i fill up. Assuming I am like everyone else, I usually fill up my tank about 3 times per month (i get 24 mpg in my honda so about 300 miles per tank) So I gotta say. If 20 bucks per month extra spent on gas "makes or breaks" you, then you got some serious budget issues.

    It never ceases to amaze me how people complain about paying 3 or 4 bucks per gallon for gas, but the same people go to starbucks everyday and buy a 16 oz 3 dollar latte which calculates to 24 dollars per gallon. Or they buy bottled water at the gas station which is about 1.60 for a liter or 6 dollars per gallon. How can these people pay 6 bucks a gallon for water and complain about 4 dollar gas?
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    Wow man thats pretty nice(12.5 gallons and 3 fill ups a month)

    I have two vehicles each with 25 gallon tanks and they both get filled at least once a week.

    So 50 gallons 4 dollars =200 a week/800 month or more.

    or 2.25(todays price here) *50 112.5/wk 450 month.

    While still not a huge amount of money it is a significant change. and I am sure that it is a significant sum for many families.

    Still I am happy for you and your gas situation.

    lets estimate in the middle of your situation and mine

    So your 40 gallons a month and my 200, lets use 100 gallons.

    100 gallons a month was 400 dollars monthly. Now that 100 gallons is 225 dollars.

    Thats a 175 dollar savings for the family man every month.

    With Christmas around the corner what do you think people will spend this money on and how do you think it will effect anything?


    Starbucks is amazing. IMO there is no way to improve some good ole black coffee