Cheap computer for multi monitors?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by SoCalTrader619, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, I am looking to purchase a computer that will allow me to run 3 monitors for trading. My trading style is NOT scalping, so I don't necessarily need insane speed. Basically, I need a stable computer that won't freeze up on me while running multiple charting programs, etc.
    I've been looking into the older Dell 8400. I have found a couple quite cheap on Ebay. Do I even need something like that, or am I safe to go with an older, cheaper model? I'm assuming I will also have to purchase a Matrox G200 to allow for 3 monitors.
    I'd like to go as cheap as possible on the computer itself, so that I can use the money toward some large 19-20in widescreen LCDs.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!!!
  2. Nvidia NVS280/285 are better and much faster than Matrox 200 and cheap on eBay.
  3. Cool. I'll look into that. Will they be compatible with an older Dell?

  4. My second computer is a 5-year old Dell Dimension 8300.
    It allowed me to support 3 monitors by using an Nvidia MX-440 graphics card in the AGP slot which had dual-outputs ( this was the OEM graphics card ) along with an MX-440 card in one of the PCI slots that supported my 3rd monitor.

    Worked fine for many years.
    No hardware "conflicts" like with some of the newer computers; especially those that now come with PCI-Express 16X slots.
  5. gnome


    1. Dimension 8300 and later is plenty good for trading.

    2. In Matrox, G450, G550, and G200 are all OK.

    3. With Nvidia, NVS 280 AGP and 280 PCI. These are better than Matrox, IMO.

    Get 'em used and cheap on eBay.
  6. Will the above video cards drive a 24" LCD (non DVI) and a 19" LCD? I have both a PCI and AGP slots...
  7. Yes, but the matrox cards may force you to run the 24" at 1600 X 1200, as my old Appian does (quite old). I'm too lazy to look it up, but all of em should have at least that res.

    I also would recommend the Nvidia's. Gnome is the guy to listen to. He is the ET resident guru with video stuff for trading.