cheap computer deal

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Free Thinker, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. $399 P4-2.8Ghz Desktop

    Thrusday ONLY. Hot deal.
    Dell Dimension 4600 Desktop P4-2.8Ghz/533Mhz bus Free 512MB/Free 80GB HD, 48x CD, Free 48x CDRW, 6 months ISP, Ethernet, XP Home $599 - $200 rebate = $399. Free shipping, tax is charged.
  2. Hello,

    Is this your comp. your trying to hock here, how old is it, the free ISP has no value to me. 1 other ? is it just the box, & no other hardware? TIA!

    Take Care & God Bless!
    L8R Kelly
  3. If you read his post you'd see it's more than just a "box" and it's a Dell deal not an old PC he's looking to dump -- it sounds like the one I've been seeing advertised on TV lately.