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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by hype, May 28, 2004.

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    Hello and thanks in advance, looking for a decent chart package. Do not need a trading platform. Just looking for a cheaper alternative to qcharts. A seperate chart package, no need to link it to my trading platform(hammer). Something where i can draw lines, bb bands, emas etc! thanks for the replys.
  2. iqfeed

    iqfeed DTN

    One of the least expensive, and highest quality options would be IQFeed with QuoteTracker. Tier 1 datafeed with good and highly supported 3rd party software app. This setup can start at $20/mo, or $27 if you register the QuoteTracker software.

    If you need basic charting and want to watch more symbols (up to 1300) an annual DTN.IQ subscription is $44.50/month and includes Futures, equities, options, international futures as you had with Qcharts. The charting isn't as good as Qcharts or Quotetracker, but it is plenty for most people who want trend lines, moving averages, bands, fib lines, etc.

    There are other 3rd parties that work with a DTN.IQ or IQfeed subscription as well, such as Ensign, Investor RT, Wave59, Tradestation, AmiBroker, etc.

  3. Hype,

    You may want to consider taking a look at Tahoe Charts. The software is reasonably priced and the fact that you don't require a full suite of features may be a perfect fit for your needs. Please let me know if you have any specific questions regarding it. In the meantime, here is the link to the Tahoe Charts homepage. Thanks.
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    I got nothing to sell you; just a good suggestion:
  6. I am looking for something more reliable too, sick of the problems with What about Sierra Charts ? with your broker data feed.

    How much is it again? pretty cheap anyway.
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    isn't there a totally free charting software out there? I can't remember the name now but its been out there for some time now. All you need is to have a broker (feed) and it charts it for you. The quality is good and many features are included. Anyone remember what I'm referring to? Whatzisname?!?!
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    You might be thinking of QuoteTracker:
  9. CBOT404


    I've used QT Plus 59.95
    I've been happy with the charting and have not had any problems
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    The free one is IBCharts(
    It intrigued me enough to download it and it looks good.
    Haven't used it because no backfill from IB
    (its only feed for now), but another post rated it as good stuff.
    And in my shopping for cheap charts, sierra had many good reviews.
    But in the end I needed features that required spending more money.
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