Cheap charting software for researching ideas

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  1. I have a few trading ideas I am looking at exploring, however, I am looking for a vendor/software that allows me to specifically look at (intraday chart) any given day X months ago.

    I am looking for specific days on daily charts, and want to "zoom-in" historically on these days, with an intra-day chart, however would like some advice on a cost effective vendor.

    ie. I know tradestation can do this, but dont wan to pay $250/month for this feature, especially when I am not even trading.

    It doesnt even have to be live intraday data... looked promising, but they only go back (on a five minute chart) about a week... I need to be able to go back potentially months.

    I dont mind paying a data feed if need be, assuming its relatively cheap.

    any advice?
  2. Check out Ninjatrader and the data feeds. You can get free daily data from yahoo but for intraday you will have to subscribe to a data feed. Check out their site they have all the details.
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    Ameritrade has a charting package called strategy desk that allows you to go back to a specific date in a time frame of your choosing. Its free if you open an account there. I have my ira there.

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    Your post had influenced me to know the ideas of trading.i will be pleased if you post few of them...

  5. Take a look at this package.
  6. Yeah. I found this the other day, and decided to go with it.

    This is perfect for what I need currently, and relatively cheap, and doesnt require a brokerage account.