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    I knew I should have looked harder before I posted the thread, but I'm going to ask anyway.

    A friend of mine (not a prop trader) was looking for really cheap (free is even better) charting/quote software that offers basic moving averages and intraday data. He does want NYSE time and sales. Basically he was looking for something like eSignal but without all the crazy analytics. We talked to eSignal but they don't offer any cheap versions of their software. Does anyone know if there is any vendor out there that offers something like that? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    eSignal has many products ...a new free web site with quotes, charts, and news here:

    Or a low cost streaming Java product, MarketCenterLive.

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    anyone know where I can find a service with real cheap real time level 2?
    thanks in advance--
  7. Depends on what you consider really cheap. If yor broker provides level II, then it will be either free, or most likely cheaper than any subscription datafeed.

    Otherwise, the lowest is probably Stockwatch, and MarketFeed

    Datafeed alone though does not do it much good, if the software for viewing it and the rest of the data sucks. QuoteTracker will work with all the ones mentioned, as well as with IQFeed, eSignal, and others.
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    I like the MarketCenter. But on its Common Market Statistics page, I failed to see any logic behind the ordering of this list:

    Description Last
    NYSE Cumulative Tick 651.00
    NASDAQ Down Volume 769,400,400.00
    NYSE TRIN 1.19
    NYSE Advancing Issues 1,861.00
    NASDAQ Unchanged Issues 187.00
    Dow Jones Industrial Tick -8.00
    NYSE Total Volume 1,355,343,400.00
    NASDAQ Advancing Issues 1,568.00
    NYSE Unchanged Volume 31,989,170.00
    NYSE Up Volume 700,541,400.00
    NASDAQ $ADVQ minus $DECLQ 109.00
    NASDAQ Up Volume 894,436,100.00
    NYSE Unchanged Issues 185.00
    NASDAQ TRIN 0.92
    NASDAQ Unchanged Volume 29,018,538.00
    NASDAQ Declining Issues 1,459.00
    Market Volatility (CBOE-no options) 11.77
    NASDAQ Cumulative Tick 577.00
    NYSE Down Volume 622,082,000.00
    NYSE $ADV minus $DECL 471.00
    NYSE Declining Issues 1,390.00
    NASDAQ Total Volume 1,692,855,100.00
    NYSE Advance/Decline/Unchanged 1.33

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    ClearView has a free trial of its charting and quote software
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