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  1. I want a second broker to execute small trades.
    I dont need any frills, but would like one with a per share pricing structure, and few (if any) exchange fees, software fees, etc.

    Any Ideas?
  2. Interactive Brokers.
  3. I thought they charged a fee if you didnt trade enough volume? Also, don't they charge for all the quote feeds?
  4. ids


    If you do not pay $30 a month in commissions, we will charge you $10. Find somebody else if it is unacceptable. The market data subscriptions are totally optional. You can trade without a subscription and basic US data are free.
  5. IDS will your platform work with windows 98.
  6. ids


    It will. I would recommend to use 2000 or XT though. This 98 is a pain on its own.
  7. hoodooman,

    I think you are making a big mistake trying to trade with win98, no matter which broker you select.
  8. Can you elaborate on what you mean by basic US data for free? I am a professional, and from the website, it looked like just getting level 1 for NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ would be over $200 a month.
  9. ids


    OK, it is not free if you are pro. Do not subscribe then. You still can execute orders.
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