Cheap Australian brokers?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by tian, May 3, 2003.

  1. tian


    Do any of you know any cheap Australian brokers? So far, I've only found $19 to be the cheapest (and you know what happened to Rivkin).

    I've heard rumours some brokers only charge $10 for a trade. Anyone got any ideas? Seems like ASX isn't too helpful with their numbers.
  2. Daryl Guppy is an equity and derivatives trader in Austraila and covers the Asian Markets. He has a web site called GUPPYTRADERS.COM at . Go to his site and give him an e-mail. Elite Trader is mainly for traders who access US stock, Option & Future's markets.

    Daryl Guppy mentions Brokers E-Trade ,
    AOT On-Line & Sanfords at . See
    for a list of other internet brokers. I have no affiliation with , however , I know Daryl has a good reputation in Austrailia as a trader & educator. Be aware that a low price execution , may not mean a quality execution.

    Gene Weissman
    E-Brokerage, LLC
  3. Australia doesn't have any cheap brokers for stocks.

  4. were you looking for retail or prop brokers. us or asx markets???
  5. Tian, a pretty competitive broker has just opened up. I believe that they are the cheapest there is around in this country.

    They are called Morison Securities and are located in Sydney.

    Their phone number is (02) 9033 8383

    I am myself just in the process of opening an account there.

    Mr Weissman mentioned execution. I doubt that this comes into the equation as everything is now automated.
    They are especially very cheap with options.