cheap 19 inch lcds

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by volente_00, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. either best buy or circuit city has 19 inch samsungs for like $229 after rebate for tomorrow.
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    Dell 2005FPW 20" Widescreen for $394 from dell
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    best buy will have 19" mag @ 170 and 17" @ 150.

    bunch of hard drives @ very low prices. good time to buy some for backup or extra storage.
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    samsung 19" $199 after rebate at staples tomorrow
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    Link please?

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    Is the 19" Samsung 914V for $199.99 a good monitor or is the 17" Star Logic for $149.99 at Circuit City a better deal?

    Both are 1280x1024
    Samsung is 12ms vs. Star Logic (25ms?)
  9. A 19" Samsung for only $50 more than a 17" Star Logic?
    If those are your only choices, then I'd opt for the Samsung.

    But, where are you considering buying a 19" Samsung at that price
    - a Staples Black Friday Doorbuster deal, or a damaged pixel unload on eBay?
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