Cheap 17" KOGi LCD at Best Buy... $299 AR

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gnome, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. gnome


    $369 - $70 rebate = $299. Got one 2 months ago. 3 yr warranty, no dead pixels on mine, picutre is excellent.
  2. You have to be careful with the rebates at BBY though. I would just ignore them or at least assign them a probability of no more than 50% when making your decision.

    It happens a lot that you see the rebate advertised and you have to mail in the card, and a few months after that you get a response from the manufacturer stating that you were not eligible for the rebate. And guess what BBY's response to that situation is. So your basically out a stamp, a rebate, some time and aggravation.

    Also, I once bought a monitor at BBY, and when it crapped out a couple of months after that, they didn't even assist me with the warranty. They basically just told me "you have to contact the manufacturer directly, it's not our problem". In other words, I had to carry the monitor back home from BBY, find out the appropriate phone number, wait on hold for a couple of hours, explain that the monitor was dead to a monkey who finally gave me an RMA number, then I had to procure packaging materials and ship the broken monitor to their repair center, and in exchange I received (after a few weeks) a refurbished "comparable" replacement monitor. Sure it was comparable: Compared to the original one, its colors were not properly aligned (what should be a white line on black background looked like a red line and a blue line forking out of a green line) and it had a spot where the luminous layer was quite obviously worn out.

    In other words, THERE IS NO WARRANTY AT BBY, at least not if your time is worth more than a couple of cents at best.
  3. shneed


    I don't know about BestBuy, but I've bought a 23" lcd monitor (Planar) from Dell about 4 months ago. Registered it with Planar. Last week it looked like the monitor went kaput, so I called Planar, they told me that they would ship me a new monitor the next day (2 day delivery), and then I would ship them the old one, charged to them. Just out of curiosity I called Dell, same thing, if their tech could not fix it on the phone with me, they would ship me a new monitor, and I will ship them an old one overnite (all free of charge). All this while my warranty from Dell expired 3 months ago.

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    Forgot to mention, Dells techs were able to help me fix the problem over the phone, turned out to be a power surge that caused the the monitor to falter, now if I could just get APC to explain to me why their battery powered surge protector did not protect.

  5. There you have it. In essence you have the choice between a fully guaranteed and supported DELL or an "as-is" BBY without official "as-is" notice. Your call.
  6. mgkrebs


    I have bought dozens of rebate products form Best Buy over the years. I have never had a problem receiving the rebate.

    Regarding warranty, no reseller is going to help you after the initial return period expires. Keep the box. If it craps out during the manufacturers warranty period, you gotta ship it. Fact of life.
    Unless, you buy the extendo warranty from Best Buy, but they are a ripoff.
  7. I believe this statement has been shown to be false by the above post about DELL.

    If it is true for BBY, then my initial return period must have expired within the first two months of the original purchase. I wonder if that is legal.
  8. Trajan


    I looked at it when they first had this deal. It is butt ugly. Not the picture, it was the design. I went to Costco and got a KDS 17" for $399.

    I agree on the Best Buy rebate thing. I have sent in a bunch of rebates only to never receive anything. However, my last purchases there was done without factoring in the rebate and miraculously I received a check this week for one of the items. I'm still waiting on another though, its been three months.
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    How much was the 23"?..............tia
  10. shneed


    on sale for $1999

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