Chavez's Socialism....vs Toyota

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  1. Chavez is a complete moron.
  3. didn't these people learn anything from what communism (East Europe, former Soviet countries, China) did to their ecomies for 50+ years? I saw the other day, that the average Cuban earns something like $16 a month, and need to get govt approval to change jobs.

    The Chinese eventually learned, there is nothing worse than a state-owned enterprise, and opened up the economy to private enterprise.
  4. If newspapers were nationalized I could have seen the full article with out paying directly.
  5. AyeYo


    I always knew Toyota's next step would be to form/contract a military and start taking over countries. Looks like they now have their opportunity.
  6. and pray tell what do you call the USA?

    State and Government owned. The US is always slinging shit but forgets to look in the mirror.
    The USA commits more crimes on race and the poor. Just need to look around.
  7. Yea, the US is so bad, 1 million Americans sneak into Venezuela every year.:D
  8. Someone needs to put a sniper rifle bullet in Chavez's head. This guy is causing so much instability in south america.

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