Chavez says Venezuela could cut off oil exports to USA

Discussion in 'Politics' started by fxpeculator, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. He better be carefull. Pat Robertson might just get out his hunting rifle...:p
  2. I'm glad I'm long oil :)
  3. if your long oil, you may be interested in this as well which recently hit the wires.

    LAGOS, Nigeria (Reuters) -- Nigerian militants launched a string of attacks on the world's eighth largest oil exporter on Saturday, abducting nine foreign workers from an offshore barge and attacking at least two other facilities.

    I hear analysts often saying there is too much geopolitical risks priced into crude, I believe there is not enough. The repetition of the Chavez threats and Nigerian attacks should be good for a buck pop in crude come Monday. For Crude bulls, some bearish news did hit the wires late Friday as there was talk that Iran may be softening their stance on nukes.
  4. If his aim isn't any better than Cheney's, then there's nothing for Chavez to worry about:p
  5. Long Oil has been the best play in the past 15 months!

    It's a pity we're having such a warm winter though, I was looking forward to $20 natural gas.

    I was going to go long again this year but I'll wait and see how active the GOM Hurricane season turns out to be.