Chavez discovering Capitalism

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  1. Cesko


    I would call it "Chavez discovering the rule of law".
  2. maxpi


    Who's bigger and more powerful, Exxon or a South American country... stay tuned folks...
  3. aka 'the upside of globalization'
  4. 9999


    Chavez needs to get busy with Naomi and spend less time trying to be a new-age Mussolini. Hopefully, she'll be able to calm him down. I sure would looove to get real busy with her...
  5. this could lead to increased prices at the pump... chavez won't like this and might choke off oil exports
  6. The stuff they suck out of the ground in Venezuela is high sulfer/thick as mud glop

    takes special tankers to ship it
    and special refining capacity to refine it

    hard for the stuff to wind up anywhere else besides us gulf refineries
  7. Not to mention Chavez cannot afford to cut off sales since he's spending the money faster than it is coming in.
  8. er.. can't Chavez just invent new Venezuelan AAA treasuries to sell?

  9. toc


    Chavez is a psychopath!

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