chatroom with a weekly guarantee?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by minitimer, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. has anyone gottan an email from about a new daytradeing service with a weekly guarantee? they said next week is a free trail. has anyone had any of there services, just never heard of that before:confused:
  2. Hi minitimer. I have reached the point where I think if they are advertising then it is a fraud. Think about it like this. If it is so great and "guaranteed" then why wouldn't the person just compund the number of contracts they use and just count the Benjamins and not waste their time pm'ing people on boards. It is sad when you think about it.
  3. no, i didnt get pm'd i got an email from them. i must have signed up on a list because i have been looking at chatrroms the last few months, getting bored by myself. just wondering if anyone has been in any of their rooms?
  4. When they had a free room I traded with them for a couple of weeks. For me it was good education because they don't scalp it for ticks. They normally trade for bigger moves. I don't have time to day trade now, so I trade options with them. I have been on their option list for some time now. They have been giving the trades away for free for over six months to people who knew about them before they launched the site.

    I don't have time to trade the ES with their chatroom, but if they are giving a three day trial it is probably worth a shot if you trade the ES.
  5. the website says its a es and stock room...i hope its stocks because es and nq have been too crazy for me lately, hate gap days. how have the options been, do they still give out calls or have a trial for options?
  6. the guarantee is you will lose money