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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by fkh, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. fkh


    Most trading chatrooms are worthless, but this one is a top banana in my opinion. They trade stocks and futures so it gets a little noisy, but once you focus in on your market, it gets easy. I trade the ES and NQ and their calls are phenomenal. If you take the free trial you can review the actual daily transcripts and see where they are making the calls. Daily results are posted on the Home page.
    Here's the link:
  2. This one is not "top banana" at all.
    I took the free trial for fun but left after two days.

    They give entry but no exit points and their p&l always reflects the"best case".
    Example: long 825, market trades 825.25 then falls 5 points in 5 minutes.
    P&L in their recap: +0.25

    What a joke!
  3. Hubert


    they guys are a joke they send out eamils off all there winners and no losers.

    what a joke.

    hey i dont know about you but i lose on trades all the time its part of this Biz.
  4. cipherx


    Gee I wonder if the person recommending that bogus site is somehow, could it be, the Owner of that site?


    too bad they're such losers.
  5. LMAO

    it's funny how whenever they have the "battle of the gurus" or whatever the F--- they call it on CNBC where they give 'em $10k and see how fast they can lose it, nearly all of those schmucks lose money.

    and people wonder why they sell newsletters.
  6. Elite Trader isn't free to run... If you want to advertise here, pay sponsorship fees like everyone else.
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    Magna Administrator

    Wow, first post, recommending a subscription chatroom, graciously providing a link, and saying that it's "top banana" in your opinion. As you've established credibility here, your opinion means so much....:eek:
  8. Babak


    I love seeing the "law of the jungle" in action in ET.

    Never loses its charm...:p
  9. You've got to love it when a spammer tries to get some newbies interested and gets shot down by everyone.

    Newbies. Listen to the ET veterans, not the spammer in the first post.

    I initially sent a 'kill' message to the moderator, but in retrospect it would be a better idea to keep this thread up front so that the spammers intentions backfire on them, and we manage to stop some people from getting scammed.
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