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    Just curious on how you supported yourself in the last ten years since you weren't profitable but spend 40 hrs a week trading (and losting money I would imagine overall). I can't imagine that kind of resilience...

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    Reread my post. I am saying reliable chat rooms do not exist. What is your background? How long have you been trading? What do you trade? Coming on to a new forum and asking where the reliable chat rooms are is hardly the way to a happy career.

    I am not negative and believe that, like Sinn, that profitability comes through screen time and hard lessons learned. (11 years myself and very happy). There is no short cut and relying on chat rooms will only lead to disappointment. You are looking for a chat room to make trades for you, and to that end I believe everyone on this board will agree with me (except chat room sponsors) that they do not exist.

    Now grow up and learn from this forum.

    Good Luck, and I actually mean it.
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  3. BTW. Considering the initial question didn´t ask for pricks to come and stamp on anyone involved in the thread. I still find your initial answer to be highly negative and nonconstructive. You could have chosen to just leave and go to another thread and add your positive contribution, or even just replied to mine with a constructive reply as you just did the second time around. But no, that was too much effort ... much easier to just be a prick ... maybe you learned your lesson, maybe not, we´ll see given time.

    As for Rooms giving profitable calls, I never said that. You however did.

    I wanted to discuss chat rooms which are focused and not full of spammers and pricks. Unfortunately they are found in most places without proper moderation, but maybe not where a subscription is involved and/or people with intellect, I know of a few for Stocks, don´t know any for Futures.

    Your last reasonably constructive answer is certainly more interesting than your first, and I thank you for this second reply.

    We now have a good thread going, with some positive people giving their opinions, either jump in constructively or don´t bother.
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  4. Now it is preferable for the thread to just run on with the subject in mind, not any argument you or I may have, that is pointless.

    I believe there are good chant rooms, you don´t, OK point taken. We only need people in this thread that are interested in it, not people who are not (unless they have constructive things to say and not one word brainless comments which do no good except cause shit like this).

    Thats it. Good luck to you too.
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  5. Here are some honest questions:

    1) How do you "screen" the prospective traders that want to join? I think the only way is to examine their actual account statements and tax returns...however, no one is going to let you access them. All you have is what you see here dont really know if they are good traders.

    2) Lets say there is a good trader but has a bad attitude that is not very social or a good trader with a foul mouth? If they make brilliant calls, but call you an asshole then would you still keep them in the chat? Honestly, I would rather have someone here beside me making brilliant calls calling me an asshole then someone who makes horrible calls and tells me I am the best.

    3) If someone is a "nice guy" never saying an unkind word and constantly makes bad calls losing people in the room money, would you throw him out of the room? Lets say John was the indirect result of causing you a $5000 loss and a few others in the room also claimed losses after following him into the trade. Would you excuse that completely? Blame it purely on yourself? I would just kick that guy out of the room to be honest.

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    yes it was me, and $6000 given to me would be safer than 6000 to pure tick or the mod run chat room, trust me.
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    I worked full time for about 4 of those years and watched currencies from 4 pm to midniht, in addition to several weekend jobs.

    I cant imagine a level 2 trader making money either so I guess we are even.
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  8. Rehoboth,

    I thought about this question a lot and after careful consideration decided to go with a model similar to the one used by the apple app store on my iphone.

    Price way below the market average and offer a good value, yet high enough to where its not worth it for detractors to participate, and only those serious about trading and working in a collaborative trading environment will remain.

    That number is $99. Thats only if the person is voted in after the trial period. My lunch costs more than 5 bucks. Any malicious chat troll, spammer, would gladly pound through that small of a barrier to entry to infect a cohesive group. :mad: At $99 they will think twice, hopefully.

    I think $99 is fair, balanced and accessible.

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  9. Sounds reasonable to me too.. :)

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  10. Lets say you have this "vote"? What if all the good traders are voted out leaving a group of incapable traders or a "losers lounge" so to speak...

    I am not trying to diss your idea, but wondering how you would deal with these real life scenarios. A guy who sits in a room alone all day for a living not talking to someone is usually not going to be the most social person, but may be the most profitable person...

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