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    The only thing i'm LOLing about is your lack of response. Best of luck to you finding your reliable chat room.

    Tell me, do you believe in Unicorns and the bunny rabbits that hide eggs on Easter?
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  2. BTW. Thanks so much for your answer, but buylo says that these rooms are as rare as Easter Bunnies. Perhaps your post will inform him of different and actually make him grow up and listen to other peoples opinions, after all, that is what Forums are all about.

    Doubtful he will ever change, but maybe. People like him have to put their negative touches on everything, but hey... just ignore them eh... :)

    Once again. Thanks wrb.
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  3. I just want to apologize and make another point. I have just re-read through whilst getting the links to visit, and noticed that my "prick" comment wasn´t even focused on you Spinn, it was actually to the guy before you who asked for 6000$ per day and a PM.
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  4. DollarRich funny you mention this as..

    I've got a chat room I have been working on off and on. I recently revisited the idea lately. I am still working out the details of the level of my participation. I should have an official relaunch of it when I get back from Europe in mid March. Its currently up and functioning very cohesively.

    My goal is to build a protected chat room for serious traders who are accustomed or wanting to work and socialize in a collaborative environment. There is no personal directed BS allowed in the chat room. I am also open to all styles of trading and instruments, as I have traded quite a few different styles my self and have had to adapt multiple times to the market in my trading career. Take that for what its worth.

    I feel my redesigned offering is good, and a fair balance to the trading community.

    I stopped emphasizing the room for a period because of the cyclical responses I got to such an idea. Which in retrospect some comments made sense, and I took into consideration the socioeconomics of others as well as a few others with passionate ideas about my execution. The room though has gradually and consistently grown on its own just through word of mouth. So I will be reintroducing it shortly to the public, and will be weeding out the "detractors" in the ultimate goal of building my collaborative legacy to the trading community.

    Also its protected and highly moderated so if you can't handle ET moderation and complain its to stiff, you won't last a day in this chat.
    If you already know everything about the market or need to inflict your ego on others, then this is not the chat for you. Basically if your sincere about trading, this is going to be a place where you can get support and feedback based on your "value added" contribution to the group.

    I'm sure I am about to receive the usual ET trolls and there barrage of verbal diarrhea. :D Make no mistake it will not phase me this time, as its been proven to me what I am doing for traders is appreciated.

    Thank you ET for your time.

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  5. That is extremely interesting - I for one am 100% interested. Please keep me informed.

    Great news.

    The Mod. side of it is exactly what is required - Hopefully, now we have someone in this thread with your status, the pea brains will go off elsewhere to haunt others (or stop completely would be ideal).

    Also good to see that the Easter Bunny may actually be real ! :))

    Thanks ChaosNSX.

    PS. BTW. I knew for a fact there are such Chat Rooms for Stocks, so it comes as no surprise that there are for Futures too.
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    Rich you malevolent lazy sociopath; I have about 20,000 hours of screen time over 10 years and am just now becoming profitable. Please tell me why I should give you 20,000 hours of my life for $250 a month.

    Please go upstairs and ask you mother for the $6,000 and send it to me by paypal and we can start tomorrow.

    Better yet, try and be rich in two weeks.
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    they became a haven for and featured on 20/20 with Chris Hansen.
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    No, you were right: Spinn is the prick offering the $6000 chat room
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  9. Chaos, you should charge like 1 to 5 bucks a month. Nothing huge, but enough so you would turn a lot of negative influences away. Craigslist vs Ebay.
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  10. Yes. For sure, there has to be a charge of some sort to keep the persistent lurkers and dreamers away, they always are negative towards others, just ignore them here in Forum but Chat has to be different.

    Great posts now. Thanks everyone.
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