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Discussion in 'Trading' started by DollarRich, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. Anyone know of any good reliable Chat Rooms for Futures ?

    Shame EliteTrader don´t do one...:D Think that there´s some good committed people here who would be interested...

    What I want is something where some tuition goes on and just daily focused chat, but no BS like normal.

    Have demo´d a few but its so hard finding something trustworthy.
  2. spinn


    I have a room and charge $6000 a day, pm me for info
  3. buylo


    Here we go.

    Flame on!
  4. Whats the point of an answer like that. What a prick.

    Its just pointless trying to raise anything without getting slaughtered by the trading professionals (ie. pretenders who think they know it all but really work in McDonalds).
  5. Must be great to have been a complete natural like Spinn. Earning all those bucks from day one, never asking a question, just trading 100% competently on his own from day 1 and sitting in his little trading room with no one else to talk to because he is afriad of a chat room.

    If only I could be like him. A real goal to achieve, FINALLY.

    Good luck.
  6. wrbtrader


    You should use ET search function because the info you want is all there.

    However, just in case you get lost in the results, just go to IRC on the Othernet and Financialchat servers. Type in the command line /list and a list of all the chat rooms that want to be seen will pop up. Yet, a few good ones are private (free) but don't want to be seen. Thus, they won't show up in the /list.

    Also, there are private twitter chat groups for futures but those are difficult to find...a few good ones there too.

  7. Thanks wrb. I will take a look.

  8. Oh right... so there did used to be ET Chat.. Interesting... What happened there, anyone know ?

    Thanks for your reply Greencapital. I´ll have a look at that link.

  9. buylo


    Yes, I am a prick.

    The point is there are no 'reliable' chat rooms. WTF does that even mean. You just register and walk on here looking for a chat room that gives you winning trades. Honestly, now does it sound like I'm being a prick? If you're looking for a chat room to bullshit around in, i'm sure there are some to toss back some thoughts, but to come on here looking for a chat room with reliability is laughable. If you're not convinced, click around Educational Resources for a time, then get back to me. Or save yourself some $$ and read the threads on all sponsor chat rooms.

    Good trading
  10. LOL. Yes, sire. Whatever you say. Just re-confirmed the point I was making.
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