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  1. Does anyone know of any good trading chat rooms?

    Perhaps some that have people online during the weekend chatting about stuff ahead of the week (IRC)?

    Perhaps others where people are trading live and chatting about it while the market is open?

    Perhaps yet others that have voice support (example, a place where groups of 5-6 traders can get together and chat together live over mic?)

    I think these kind of live trading groups would be beneficial
  3. T minus 5 minutes until the "trading room police" chime in...
  4. every room is empty there
  5. Andris_2

    Andris_2 is down.
    Does anyone know a similar free service?
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    I've rejoined Toni in her chatroom on mIRC, #mainstreet.

    I don't have anything to do with the main site or her business, but I am in the chatroom most days if I'm not under the weather or at the doctor. In my biased opinion its a pretty good room.
  7. What IRC server is that on?
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    Our chatroom is free and has full audio and video. You have to have the thinkorswim platform but you can download that free. Without funding your account its audio only, the video feed requires funding.

    more info and how to log in on our site at

    I know a lot of people think testimonials don't mean shit, but if you are curious check out the success stories section on the site, most of them are from the live room.

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  10. dilly323


    #ActiveTrader on
    #Daytraders on

    These rooms have 100's of people during market hours. A handful of them are even worth listening to.
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