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  1. I am a euro futures trader that gets very bored during the day. My friends all trade the e-mini so at times our current chat room isnt as interesting to me as it could be. Are there any good chat rooms out there dealing with the Euro futures or Fx or would anyone like to join me in starting one. Making money is not an issue. That I do very well but I would like some company.

  2. Start your own!
  3. More than happy to start my own however a chat room of one isnt much of a chat room is it. I can talk to myself any time.

    In fact i will even call my trades live if that helps. Havent had a losing day since sept 05.
  4. Looking at this purely as a business idea - if you have not lost since Sept 05 and can provide some data to back that up, you could EASILY start a chat room. It might take a little work at first, but just with the many people on ET looking for a good chat room, you could get full fast.

    Just an idea.
  5. I would be happy to follow and learn from your trades as I have never traded the euro.
  6. thanks Javs for the reply. I will look into setting up a room. I am not trying to teach just looking for some Euro talk when I am bored. Dont mind sharing what I see in the market.
  7. Brownsfan I'm not trying to start a pay room or anything like that just looking for a bit of company during the lulls. I never thought of a pay room actually interesting idea but I dont think i could get enough people to make it worth my while. If I was providing all trades in real time I wouldnt be able to do much trading myself.
    As for my good run I dont think my past trading is anything that people should put money on. there are many times when you have a good trend going that anyone can make lots of money. On the other hand even the best traders have bad runs. A good friend of mine with over 20 years a trading dropped 2.5 mil give or take in a 2 month period. yet over his life time he has made about 75 mil. if you looked at just his bad streak you would never take his trading advice. Only thing that matters is what have you done today ans what do you see for tomorrow. If you cant see tomorrow than you shouldt be trading.
  8. It was just an idea euro - if you provide real-time trading ideas to people in the room and make $, MANY others will follow.
  9. Thanks brownsfan it is something I never thought about.
  10. Your best bet if you want some company would probably be to:

    1. Start a new journal, call it "Trading the DAX & FTSE, EuroStoxx, etc. Live"

    2. Introduce yourself, talk a little bit about your method (very little) and your reason for putting together a new thread - which is the same as the guys (and ladies) trading the e-mini's ... for company, mainly.

    3. Give the hours that you are going to be trading/posting.

    4. See who shows up.

    If it is a decent thread (which I am sure it more than will be), you can develop a nice following of probably 3-5 traders consistently who showup and give good interaction (and as things develop, maybe a whole lot more), and quite a few others who will stop by and see what's going on.


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