chat room needs to can the cancer

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  1. Get rid of the p.o.s. optional 777 loser who has turned the room into a sad place to visit
  2. are you serious about this? 7 is as much a fixture there as nitro. :eek:
  3. funky


    imho, if you actually go through and weed out the off topic messages throughout this site, you would have a pretty awesome board. for some reason, the people who run this site choose not to. its the difference between good and great.
  4. yes, and there is also this problem of stupid annoying signatures.
  5. bubba7


    The QA on ET falls to the membership.

    As it is now I see a lot of persuasive successes regarding the fringe folk here.

    The OT falls into just a few facets of board operations.

    One of the things that I am noticing is that satisfying their AGMs is no more than a surface level brief task. I did think for a while that threats could be purged but I found out otherwise.

    I think that members can come up with several standard statements that could preface new threads to allow the B types on the board to focus on places where people like their crap.

    If we had just a few, then, as you say there could be some great sectors of the forum and the other sectors could be used for the people to display thier AGMs.

    Why these people do this crap is not hard to understand and it seems to go with the electronic territory. Because they only make a certain degree ofeffort, they usually hang it up after brief thrusts that are not any more that surfacead libs.

    I have started a club called the bladder boys in addition to my B people.

    All in all it is insulting to ET to not be great when that is a possibility. Non-member folks here tend to err on the side of whatever to achieve whatever. The cost as you say is quality.

    This thread will probably draw a lot of flies unfortunately.
  6. "Chit Chat" is exactly that. It's not a serious venue (except in the political sense, since 90% of the threads there are political), and is meant to allow ETers to babble uselessly, blow off steam, and try to convert others to their political religion. And ALL parties who post there are guilty of this.

    If you want on-topic posts, don't visit "chit chat". And if you don't like one specific person's opinion, that's tough. You can put him in your kill filter. That's freedom, and most everybody else likes freedom. Sorry.
  7. funky


    oops, i think you missed the point. we were talking about the entire board, not chit chat exclusively. ;)

  8. Actually, I think you missed the point. He was talking about the chatroom.
  9. nitro


    I have been in the chatroom for almost two years now day in and day out. I think in that time, I have seen you in there maybe 10 times as yourself.

    How would you know what goes on in the chatroom day in and day out, unless you are there as an alias?

    What I find funny about all this is that anyone can open a room and go in there and invite whomever they want into that room and password protect it. In fact, Z and Catalite have done just that! They didn't complain, they simply did what was best for them!

    Whithout exception, everyone that goes in there knows why they are there, and they also know who the REAL traders are. I put the ones that neither enlighten me or entertain me on ignore. Simple.

    nitro :confused:
  10. nitro


    777 entertains me. Every once in a while, he will direct me to a decent trade (acts as a set of eyes.) I also find many of the charts he posts to be accurate and informative.

    He can be EXTREMELY abrassive with some people and has gotten out of hand with me. If he does not entertain or enlighten you, just do what I do (and have done in the past, especially when wild was around) click the ignore button!

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