Chat Room for Eurex and HKFE (Hong Kong)

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by allesim, Mar 14, 2003.

  1. allesim


    I found out that disciplined, moderated and noise-free chat rooms are a valid help in trading futures, at least for me.

    Can someone recommend, if existing, mIRC chatrooms dealing with:

    1.EUREX Exchange: DAX100 euroBubl, euroBund, EuroStoxx

    2. Hong Kong Future Exchange: HSI MHI

  2. pretzel


    Paltalk - Business and Finance -
    "CCI Futures Traders - Eurex and Overnight"
  3. allesim



    May I have some more details?
    Your impressions?
    Do you need to subscribe (pay room) or you can access without password,...)?
    Is it noisy, useful,...?
  4. opm8


    It's quite a good room, it's free and everyone is extremely nice and very willing to help. You'll need to setup a free Paltalk account to log in.

    Many of the chatroom members post their ideas/charts in Click on "TalkStox Message Boards" on the right of the welcome page and then on "Futures and Charts" in the Day Trading section. The "Eurostoxx 50" thread is the most relevant to what you want.