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  1. This is an open letter to all Elite Trader chat room users as well as the Web site administrators.

    I have been visiting the chat room almost daily for several months and have enjoyed the exchange and camaraderie with the other participants. I also learned a bit more about trading than I knew before. For all this I am grateful.

    However, with increasing regularity, I have been verbally assaulted and abused by one participant, OPTIONAL 777. It is entirely possible that this trader is as good as he says he is, however, that does not preclude him from being a thug. I came to the Elite Trader chat room for exchange and conversation and, for the most part, this is what I have found. However, OPTIONAL 777’s vulgar, abusive and unrelenting diatribes toward me have become unbearable, and so, as I had mentioned to you all, I will not be returning.

    I am just a struggling “trader” trying to get by, who is not yet profitable. I suspect there are many others out there like me. Yet, I continue in the best way I know how with the full knowledge that trading is a difficult and lonely occupation that relatively few succeed at, and that I may not become one of those relative few. Therefore, for my part, I have always sought to keep the chat light, supportive and fun. Along the way, I would pick up the occasional tidbit of useful information. I think this is how a chat room should be. That is why I have never criticized anyone for the simple reason of tearing him down. Trading is hard enough without people kicking you in the teeth when you are at your most vulnerable. Further, I have never insulted anyone except in self-defense, notably against OPTIONAL 777 and, more recently, his new toady, Brosh.

    Perhaps for these reasons, several of you had mentioned that you did not have a “problem” with me, and I suppose I should take some comfort in that. But I do not.

    I would like to think that, if someone were being abusive towards a new chat room member for the simple reason of demeaning him, kicking him while he was down, that I would step up and say something. And yet, I am not a new member; you people have known me for several months. And while I am grateful that most of you did not join in with OPTIONAL 777 against me, I am disappointed that, for a long while now, you just looked the other way, effectively condoning his conduct. I acknowledge that none of you owes me anything, but I had hoped for better. Unless I am mistaken, only Kymar stepped up yesterday (May 27) and told OPTIONAL 777 to behave himself. It did no good, but I appreciate the effort. I’d like to think that I would have done the same.

    And so, I leave you all with my best wishes. I also leave you with OPTIONAL 777. I hope his occasionally useful insights are worth his reprehensible, demeaning conduct that sometimes includes casual references to incest and bestiality. Personally, I think that he and those like him pollute what would otherwise be an excellent medium of communication and support. Without an oversight mechanism either on the part of Elite Trader’s administrators or simply by way of the members’ good conscience, the room may one day degenerate into a free-for-all. If that happens, I hope for your sake that OPTIONAL 777 does not have you in his crosshairs.

    Good luck, and good trading.


  2. why don't u put him on ignore
  3. we all are feebs and fugglemen, and ...
    remember, there are also some nippers in this pool
    and they like to bait other fishes.

    T. dont worry, T. come back. a nipper
  4. When you're in the Chat, there are four little icons at the top right under the tabs that say Users and Rooms. The one on the far right is an ear with a red slash through it. This is the Ignore Button.

    All you have to do is click the person's name from the list so it turns blue, then click the Ignore Button. Voilà, that person's chat is silent on your screen, totally vanished except for their name on the list crossed out with a red line through it.

    Could well be that the reason most of the others in the Chat haven't criticized 777 in your defense is that they already have him on Ignore, so they aren't even aware of the remarks he has made toward you. Maybe Kymar's just the only one who still doesn't have him on Ignore.

    And if that's not satisfactory for you, you can always create your own Chat Room. Just click the tab that says Rooms, then click the tab that says New. Call it anything you want. Make it private if you want even.
  5. nitro


    I always put nitro on ignore - I don't want his trades influencing me.

    nitro :mad:
  6. why is there always a storm of controversy surrounding 777?

    is 777 a ruse? should really be *666*? :D


    ps. i always put you on ignore too nitro.
  7. where is 7 anyway :confused:

    are you hiding 7? :eek:

    stand up and defend yourself! :D

    are you a MAN or a MOUSE! :p
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    boo hoo hoo
    man you are one major wus! :-/
    "He that wrestles with us strengthens our nerves, and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper." - Edmund Burke

    05-28-03 06:29 PM

    Thank you for your insight, LongShot. That was refreshing.


  9. You may very well find that not using the ET chat room
    will help you. I will rarely stop in and when I do, I find very little to zero use from it. There is so much more to keep your eye on
    than watching what people are saying all day when you could be
    constantly watching sectors, bids/offers, looking for technical signals out of futures and so on.....

    If you decide to stay online with people, try hook up with a handful of traders on inst. messager and you will be much better off.
  10. Good luck to you Thunderdog.
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