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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Baron, Apr 16, 2002.

  1. vikana

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    I'm not sure that's the case. I'm behind several layers of firewalls and have logged in many times.
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  2. Aaron


    Baron, could you please post a reminder at least 24 hours in advance, rather than just an hour or two?

    I read the board once a day and missed your reminder and the chat.

    Aaron Schindler
    Schindler Trading
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  3. I've got five different computers in various stages of software/hardware failure, upgrade, changes - all the BS.

    I almost bagged IB because its Java interfered with other chats, Streamer, etc..

    Unchecking that little box fixed it all.

    I can't believe site administrators don't carry prominently a FAQ or other warning on this issue for inexperienced java users to see immediately when opening the site.

    FX-Trader has also metioned this solution on a number of forums here.

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  4. nitro


    FWIW, I have JRE 1.4 - I never have a problem loggin in. The only problems I have is that I get dumped once in a while. I do not believe this has anything to do with me though, as almost always, everyone else but a couple are gone when I get back.

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  5. Jaba122


    two issues:

    1 - So far I coudn't make the chatroom Java plugin on my Macintosh. I have all my chat, email, etc stuff on Mac OS, I don't wanna mess with Java on my trading PC. Is there any way to make it work on Mac OS?

    2 - Is there any reason in particular why Elitetrader's chatroom is not hosted on a regular IRC server? I tried to access this server using IRC client, no luck. Looks like the communication protocol is proprietary. I could understand if the room had some very special features, but it looks like it doesn't. Why not move the room to othernet, so people can use mIRC or other irc client to access it?

    Just my 2 cents
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  6. If your trading PC has a browser it allready has java!

    IRC cons:

    Waists bandwidth

    Is susceptable to viruses

    Requires additional IRC software

    Where are the pros? Aside from you can run it on your MAC (discretionary)

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  7. Jaba122


    Not so fast. Java makes operating system less stable. I have enough of this with TWS from IB. I don't need to put the stability of my trading rig at risk by using a browser+Java plugin on top of it. It's not necessary. There are simpler, more effective solutions around.
    IRC doesn't increase bandwidth, unless you have 10 chatrooms open at the same time. It's susceptible to viruses, so is receiving an email. Requires additional software,... true, and you can find some freeware ones. IMHO, better to have an executable that was designed for chatting, than a Java plugin that runs on top of your browser. I'm not trading with Java charts, I have a dedicated software for that.
    Pros? How about being able to use multiple chatrooms at once using 1 app, an IRC client? You can log all the chat to a file for later review, education, whatever. Hey, even Pristine chat is IRC compatible... Another pro? How about getting some more people into the chatroom? Yeah, I know, I can go to #daytraders on othernet, or #Activetraders on financialchat. But, how about creating a chatroom that's compatable with the standard IRC? Would that make the room more alive? I believe so. I'd love to be able to communicate live with some of the people here.
    It's not about Mac/PC platform. It's about communications. Imho, why bother with running a chatserver if there's no one there? I just checked - I'm the only one connected. Check #daytraders. 95 people, even Sunday! WOuldn't it be nice to have a few more people from elite exchanging ideas, or even talking beer? :D

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  8. Neil


    I think IRC is brilliant...hardly uses any resources at all.. people could learn from how the prog (such as mirc) is packed so tight, these days programmers are lazy.. software just gobbles up resources instead of figuring how to program better..

    Not sure about viruses.. I trust to luck mostly. And I would not be seen dead wearing a mac! lol (if you don't get that joke then try spending your youthfull winters in a grey midlands city in england!)

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  9. Baron

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    You'll have to be more specific on the details of your problem in order for me to help you.

    From a system Administrator's standpoint, here are some reasons why Elite Trader doesn't use IRC:

    Doesn't integrate with other technologies.
    IRC was developed back in the 80's and has seen little innovation since. It has poor authentication methods and doesn't integrate well with existing member databases used by other interactive services like message boards. In other words, IRC does chat and that's about it. That's why sites like Financial Chat and provide chat and little else.

    Requires additional software
    IRC requires client software which is yet another program to download, install, learn, upgrade, etc.

    Poor Usability
    Intelligent use of IRC requires that administrators, moderators and users learn arcane terms and commands.

    Poor Security
    A person using an IRC client can be easily be sent a virus, spyware, or other type of malicious code from another user.

    IRC channels and servers are potentially susceptible to "bots" which are special porgrams that can be used to cause havoc in a room or even to an entire chat network.

    Java-based chat software excels in all of the areas mentioned, which is why we chose it.

    Don't get me wrong though. I'm not totally against IRC, because it does work well for what it was designed to do. In fact, I actually own an enterprise version of the best IRC server software in existence, so I could power up an IRC network tomorrow if I wanted to. However, once I bought it I realized that it's just not worth the hassle because I can't make IRC chat integrate with the rest of the site. Expensive mistake on my part.

    The ultimate goal is to make the Java chat on this site more user-friendly, feature-rich, and useful than IRC. We've really only rolled out basic chat up to this point, but with the upcoming rollout of real-time chat logging (accessible through a browser) and other useful features, I think we will be even closer to reaching this goal.
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  10. Jaba122


    Baron, thanx a lot for your reply.

    The problem with Mac OS: after clicking on the connect button a java app window opens, it is all grey. I can't see anything there. On PC I can see the tabs, userlist etc... This happens on 3 Macs I have different system versions, from antique 8.6 to 9.2 (the latest classic OS), both Netscape, and IE were used, latest Java Runtinme installed.

    Re: IRC. I agree with you 100%, it's arcane. So what? It's a communication tool. Poor authentication? agreed, but we don't deal with credit cards here. Virus attacks? I've been on IRC for years, on both Mac and PC platforms, never happened to me. I receive tons of email with VBscript virus attached though. Do I open the attachement? Of course not. Shure, if somebody doesn't know about basics of internet security, he shouldn't even be connected to the net in the first place.

    Baron, I agree with all that you have said. My question remains though. On the homepage of elitetraders it says "11158 members and still growing". Great. I'm really glad to see that. Where are those people though? Why isn't there anybody in the "latest technology powered" chatroom?
    On the other hand in the arcane #daytraders you got over 500 people every trading day. #Active traders? over 600. Please, don't get me wrong, I love your board, and I'm happy to have found it. It's just a bit frustrating to see "the chatroom is available to all members around the clock" and nobody there. It's strange, don't you think?

    ok, I said what I had to say, I'll shut up now. I promise :) Best of luck, and thank you for running this wonderful board. Much appreciated.

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