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  1. is there API for chat? lochenkinov would like program connecting to IB, posting trades to chat room. automatic is better, manual typing is too tedious! thank you
  2. Baron

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    Yeah, here you go:
  3. this is just text.. is there something more?
  4. let me explain please. i found just this. html and text only. is there something more, a jar perhaps?
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    That's all I have. You can ask the company that makes the chat software if there are additional files and resources. Their contact page is at
  6. Looks like the API doc for the Java component. You'd probably have to get the Java package too and reference it as part of your own Java-based interface. Might be possible to COM wrap it so you could hook it up to software written in other languages (don't personally use Java - never liked it).

    Check here - their BOT API may not be what you're expecting though.

    The low impact route might be to just send keystrokes to the existing Java applet window using the Windows API thus simulating typing the messages. Then you wouldn't have to "interface" to anything.

    Good luck.
  7. It says the server rejected the login due to name or password incorrect.

    i used
    account_name password host site_id
    equal to
    lochenkinov PASSWD 1000

    using my password of course.

    It also says in the docs that the account must be given bot permission.

    This is from digichat 4.0. if you wish to give me the BotAPI.jar from your bots directory, I can try with that, too.

    thank you
  8. nitro


    Will the user using an API show show up in the users list and therefore needs to be logged in like the rest of us? Otherwise, there will be no way to click on the users' handle and put him/her on ignore?

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    Use the following info:

    account_name: testbot
    password: testbot
    site_id: 1000

    If that doesn't work and you still need that jar file, let me know.
  10. works great! thank you
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