Chasinfla Closing In!

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  1. Chuck, You've worked your ass off to get here, and domination over Bright is just 300 posts away. Yeah there's always a guy like aphie waiting in the wings, but he could be like Ken Griffey Jr. young, but injury prone. You my man are like Pete Rose ( just stay away from the greenies and the bookies). I always thought Brights record was unbreakable, but without Hitman to respond to, he just couldn't keep up the pace.

    My advice though, once you're on top,work even harder!
    Metoox is a classic singles hitter. Sort of the Rod Carew of ET. He could get to 3000 using just 3000 words. Chasinfla and Di Maggio will always be echoed together!
  2. LOL Hehehehehe LMAO!

    Go Chas!
  3. Goin' for the Gold...
  4. At some point in time, it only makes sense to hand over the reins to a younger person. But, unlike my soldier brethren, I will not "simply fade away."

    It will be nice to think back on what was while still keeping an eye on what could be.

    Perhaps I can get "voice recognition software"....get back in the ring.....naw, too noisy....

    Any new guesses on the upcoming fateful date??


  5. That's an easy one. It reminds me of the third grade question, "two trains going in the same direction, one going faster than the other, etc.

    Don posts on average 7+ posts per day, Chas posts 16+ per day. Each has a # of posts. When will Chas overtake Don?

    In the trains question, acceleration or deceleration is not in question. In the Chas v. Don scenario, it is. Is Don posting less these days and Chas more? A weighted average here would help.

    So many things to consider.
  6. Aphexcoil is coming up fast. Been here only a month and already has 600 posts, very long posts at that.
  7. I love the name "PuffyGums". Can you explain its significance?
  8. How do you know he's younger? Don maybe you should just give up. You're gonna have a heart attack!
  9. Its a combination of the Simpsons character Bleeding Gums and that rap guy Puff Daddy who is named something else now.
  10. Plans on changing your name to P.Gums or GumsDiddy?
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