Chasers/Losers will be buying lower and lower dips the next few months!!

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  1. Do you think Cramer will ever come out and say "We are screwed! Sell everything now."?
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  2. I think the best way is that if you think the market is going to change, then take a long vacation and come back when you know the market has changed.

    However, people will always have the feeling that they missed out on something and that will keep them trading and pushing things higher until the very end.

    You should have been buying in the summer and then selling right around now and then going away to take a long deserved break. Then come back when things are a little more sane.
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  3. yeah when i look back at my first year of trading....i made some bonehead mistakes in it takes time just to learn all the "manipulative market tricks" that the big boys use to give them an edge.....if you get caught on the wrong side of their trades your screwed regardless of if your analysis is right.

    no newsletters......i haven`t sold out yet.

    trade the markets has 2 now that they had a special offer on and they signed up so many people for that....that their monthly income is large enough they don`t really have to trade anymore.....they made a killing on that one.

    always been less risk associated with selling pitchforks to the goldminers:)

    Kramer will be ahead of the curve on 1 or 2 stocks evey six months......but he is such a bandwagon jumper...and latecomer.....that by the time he should think about selling shortly after he pops some of his 'promotes'.

    he is a pretty smart guy .....and i know he needs to make a show 5 times a week.....but his theoy about options backdating is just stupid......people backdate options regardless of the quality of future stock option value.......they are looking backward and picking a low point and affixing this as the could do this with any worthless performing stock and still give your upper management more relative money than they otherwise would ge assuming we are not talking about falling knife stocks which haven`t bottomed yet.....and if that is his general thesis....there are very fewcompanies who aren`t going bk that have those types of charts......"after all you can`t backdate in practical terms if your stock isn`t higher now than some previous point in time if your goal is to give upper management more compensation......but even more broadly spea comaies make stupid decisions al the the homebuilders buying back their own stock when it was just 15% off their highs.....what morons....those stock repurchases cost kb home a fortune to sharehoers and the company......same thing for yahoo....they were so proud of buying ack stock at an average price of 32 a share.......only to find out six months later they could have bought a whole bunch more for 23.00 a`s and upper management have more "salesmanship" in them than the actual real goods to run a company.......DICK PARSONS of aol an an example.
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  4. sorry for the cordless keyboard must need new batteries:) i do know how to least better than this:)
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  5. Cramer was an attorney in his earlier career. Attornies make their money by sometimes defending those who are obviously guilty.

    Therefore, he will sometimes make an argument about a company from an attorneys perspective, but can easily turn around and make an equal and opposite argument.

    For example, he was very bullish on TMY when it was going up. Then later on he made arguments of why it wasnt such a great company. There was one show where he was practically knocking the stuffing out of it saying it was too speculative and operated in a foreign region of the world that was unstable. Where as a few months back he was pumping it like it was the last small cap driller on the earth.

    His main argument for six flags was that it was on valuable land that could be reused later for development. He wanted you to start thinking from the real estate perspective. While its true that Six Flags is on valuable land, what are the chances that they are simply going to dismantle the park and then sell all the land? Is that why they brought in that new CEO, so he could go about dismantling the park and sell the land to real estate developers?

    I believe Cramer can be right. You need to ask yourself if your listening to Cramer the Attorney or Cramer the money manager.

    There were a few picks that Cramer the Money Manager was very right on the money. However, Cramer the Attorney, has had a record of losers.
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  6. tully


    This is my first post. I have been lurking for a bit.

    I've never been too good at predicting market movement; something I need to work on. Until my crystal ball becomes nice and polished, I'll try not to have a preconceived notion of future market action and just react to the direction the market goes, whichever way that may be.
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  7. i noticed at first sears was a real estate play.....then real estate turned down and now sears is a hedge fund.....but hey.....what could i probably could use the cash to reinvest in the market.....make alot of money......sort of your own just is funny how he switched the spin......only thing is if the markets turn bad............or lampert screws up a few buffet lost a billion last year in the currency markets betting against the us dollar.....even the big boys can make mistakes.....then sears is do for a nice haircut.
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