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Discussion in 'Trading' started by ddefina, Dec 5, 2001.

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    After almost 8,000 views, Chartwiz' daily commentary appears to have had a large following. Unfortunately, after page 9 of his thread (below), things started to degenerate and Chartwiz decided to pack his bags and leave. So in the interest of fairness, here's a poll to give your opinion of his contributions

    Link to his thread starting at page 9:
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    I don't believe that his postings detracted from the board at all and enjoyed having him around. If you read the posts, you of course see that *no one* attacked him as he claims -- they simply ask some very basic questions and he went Defensivis Majoris.

    When a person get's all whiney from legitimate questions, it always stands the "what's up" hair on my neck.

  3. "When a person get's all whiney from legitimate questions, it always stands the "what's up" hair on my neck. "

    Me too but I'll bury it if I smell a buck. Call me mercenary.
  4. The problem with the poll is it doesn't really address the issue. No one attacked Chartwiz, no one "ran him off" as he ridiculously claimed. He responded to a simple question with a personal attack. When we offered our opinion, he seemed to find the very idea of any feedback intolerable and adopted a childish "take my toys and go home" approach. The real issue for the poll is: Should Chartwiz be allowed to post promotional threads and no other members allowed to raise any question about anything he posts?
  5. I was asked to look at this link just now, I cannot belive that there is a poll for chartwiz ! amazing, there are good people out there uh ? I always felt that......... .......but the great thing is , the poll is positive , Over 9400 views on my thread & 90% of the poll is positive, at least there is some positive.....Excuse my spelling below but i am going to type this post here & on my thread & go to sleep.......

    I am sorry things got out of hand as they did & I only was looking at the positive side of things to share with others , not to hype my site or take away from the quality of the board, I actually had in my links, this site on my site & had a link also to my thread, so was I hyping elite ? no I was sharing with MY members on MY site that elite was good & had a great quality & wanted them to see the site also & also yes I wanted others to see my work on my site, whats wrong with that........nothing.........nobody was knocking me for bringing new members to this site, works 2 ways, give & take in this life & I gave members & I also was able to share what I do.........I have my own website & I am proud to share my work , why not ? I do good work & I have lots of emails proving this fact. I have a chatroom, but some of the members here act as if I am promoting it, should I hide the fact I have a succssful business ? no....did I invite anybody to come & pay me money ? or some see it or anything NO , I am not looking for that I not expecting anything from it or care to, to me its as if i have to hide what I do in life to post on a site to share with others, why ? I had my service & my site long before I showed up on elite & I am not intending to give up my business & my site for anybody, but I do want to protect my name & credibilty, nothing wrong with that.............

    Was it fair that I send my members from my website to see this board only to see my work laughed at & questioned/attacked by a few people that cannot relate to it ? was it fair ? a professional & as a fair person, I would have rather had any negetives thru a private message & not for 9,000 people to view, anybody could pick apart somebody in public, I could have went to each thread & found something wrong, but thats not my nature, rather than spouting out what I dont agree on, I showed my own work & what I do.......but thats a bad thing, if dufferdon or one of his buddies was in my shoes , how would they have felt ? the same I would imagine.......especially when its 5 against 1, I would only due harm to myself if i was to enter into a tit for tat bout with dufferdon & his buddies.......why would I do that to myself ? I try to keep the quality of work I do at a higher level that whats out there.....

    I did not expect to be attacked over my chart examples....& from there it grew to a personal attack from dufferdon, why ?

    I do apologise for reacting the way I did but I was not planning to have others challange me negetivly & I am not familair with these boards at all, asking for somebodys account statments online or on the internet is not a fair thing to do to anybody........, it really is a persons private business unless they are soliciting money or need to show it off. why would i do that ? .attacking me saying I am promoting a commerical business & on & on.....come on....I dont need elite to promote my business, and so what, if somebody wanted to see my chatroom is that bad ? did i hurt anybody from a free trial they got ? no......who cares really what others do.......why attack people that try to do the right thing by sharing thier knowledge ? I just still cannot see this point......makes me laught to see this.......

    ....I am new to this world of boards, I was invited by somebody to do work on SI & this site, brandon actually........, I have to say thank you to those that polled to want me back & I will take the weekend to consider things, I have had a ton of emails requsting I come back & forget the nonsense & kiss & make up with dufferdon & his gang, No ....I dont have to do that, I have no problem with anybody, I am above that & not a child......I had also spoken to a few people on the phone & that made me feel good & I feel like i am letting others down because of a few people that dont see things the way I do or think I am doing something wrong, again I would enjoy posting again if I felt it would be a postive , I just request to dufferdon, aaabeltway & gang, if you do not like my work if i return to start up again, please just dont ruin it for others.......its not right....if you have something to contribute, please do, if you dont like my work, dont ruin it for others.......please.......I will think about it over the weekend ........have a nice weekend....Chris
  6. I vote for Chartwiz to stay! Hype or not, I like his contributions. (hers?:~)

    I read any and all sources of info i can get my hands on, anywhere i can find it, and if you guys were as smart as you think you are, you would too.

    Why you think you have to police this board running off everyone is beyond me.
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    How can anyone not love you Chris??? I hope you stick around.. besides... I joined just to vote for you! :)
  8. I'm with you Toni...the only reason i joined was to vote for Chris to stay...really really hope he does...loved all the couldn't you????