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    relatively new to the business....anyone have a good site for reading charts...greatly appreciate
  2. Try

    If I knew what you meant by reading...I could be a little more accurate with a bunch of website suggestions that allow you to view charts of financial instruments.

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    thanks guys....i meant in regards to tech. analysis...
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    Its easy to get overwhelmed with tech analysis, drown in information. Theres always a different way to interpret an indicator, another time frame to look at, another type of sup/res line to draw on the chart. the "chart school" section of should be an excellent place to start. All the info you need is there.
  6. In regards to technical analysis...those just mentioned are good.

    Still not sure what your talking about.

    Are you talking about realtime charts like eSignal, QCharts or Realtick or are you talking about end of day programs like TC2000 or are you talking about online java based programs like Traderbot ?

    Give an example of what you mean if you don't know how to explain it.

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    just something, that goes more into depth about support/resistance lines, head and shoulders, macd. i'm sure people have different views on chart analysis, but i figured the more info i had the better off i would be....but i agree with a previous user, the can be pretty overwhelming and they seem to be more of an art than science...again appreciate all the help