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  1. I please need a site where there is one minute and five minute historical daily charts available free of charge?

    Thanks -
  2. mrbrinks


    It'd be easier to help if you gave us more information - what are you looking for? Forex, Futures, etc.
  3. Equities only, thanks!
  5. Hi LVtrader35,

    There's a couple of other options too.
    1. (website)
    2. QuoteTrader (desktop application)

    Both provide free 1 and 5 minute charts.
    QuoteTrader uses broker's data, and if you have an account with TD AMERITRADE or InteractiveBrokers (who provide historical data), you can get free, real-time charts.
    Also, with QuoteTrader, once you've made a trading decision, you can trade and manage your orders from the charts, a DOM or the account manager (video).
    For more information, please visit, email, or visit our library of videos:


    QuoteTrader Product Management
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    Is there a way to download the data with quotetrader?