charts that would not freeze in volatile market

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by nfin01, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. nfin01


    i am currently using Tradestation for my charting and have been quite happy with it except for the the fact that during volatile environments such as one we had yesterday after the FED announcement, my charts would freeze for a few seconds. I could see the price movement in my order matrix but the chart would not change a few seconds after the price has moved.

    Could anybody recommend a company whose charts would not freeze (even for a few seconds!) during rapid price movement?

  2. Truff


    I use realtick with Sierra as backup. neither one freezes during volitile markets
  3. My Investor R/T with DTN.IQ feed worked like a champ lagging or freezing up.
  4. kowboy


    Medved QT charts wiith IB feed worked just fine yesterday with about 16 charts open.
  5. I agree. Maybe it needs pointed out again that IB uses data snapshots about 3 times/second. This looks like deterioration in quality compared to feeds that give all ticks, but in fact it is an advantage because you will get those snapshots at all times. You never worry about possible streamdata clutter, as with the others.
    I would never completely trust my charts when I knew they give up when it matters.

    Unless you need a real sub 0.1-second resolution you're better off with snapshots.

  6. Anyone use Bloomberg?
  7. X_Study (TT) chart's help up fine after the announcement.
  8. No issues with Genesis Trade Navigator:D
  9. Truff


    How are those charts? That version 7.0, correct?
  10. I use TS2000i. problem with freezing....might be your processor is overwhelmed.
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