Charts that can confirm/predict a global slump

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Digs, Jan 23, 2008.

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    I have a chart list over at

    called WORLD SLUMP

    Within this list I have..

    - Copper - widely used in all industries
    - Oil - Obvious importance
    - 13 week USA Tbill - Safety
    - 2 yr USA Bond - Safety
    - 10 yr USA Bond - USA Mortgages
    - World Dow Jones stock market index ( $DJW) - Risk

    These charts show commodity demand for industry, safe havens for cash, and stock market for risk.

    Question: What other charts would be useful for basic technical analysis that the world economic temperature?

    At the moment copper and oil say no slump, big money is still supporting world demand, run to safety is showing risk divergence from stocks, but no complete collapse YET.

    I also would add the BDI index for shipping, but does not have this symbol.

    I don’t see Gold and silver as important as oil and copper.
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  3. If the USA markets are suffering, soon will come the global markets, that's for sure.

    No economy, not even China can rally for long if the US isn't.
    USA remains the world economic locomotive.

    Now the question is: What can forecast a US correction? Fundamental / Big-picture analysis, confirmed by trend break as FA never gives an exact date.