Charts, software, and broker ?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Networth, Jun 17, 2005.

  1. Networth


    Where is a good place for a beginner to get good charts?? any good free ones out there?? also I use scottrade is that good or does anyone have a better suggestion??? and software for tracking the markets stocks and so on or is the level 2 platform on scot trade good enough??

    Thanks for the info

  2. da-net


    There are lots of FREE chart sites.;; Stockcharts is owned by John Murphy and he has all kinds of tools, etc plus he has a charting school on his site all for FREE.

    As to Scottrade my personal opinion is extremely biased. I think they are the WORST firm in the business and they prey upon beginners like Vultures on a carrion.

    As for software that resides on your system I used Quote Tracker for awhile and it is acceptable for someone starting out. Others posting here seem to love it or hate it. As to level two...Why do you think you need it? Are you planning on day trading? If yes, then you definitely need to get away from Scottrade.
  3. The only thing Scottrade used to be good enough for was index quotes, and lately not even that. Just keep repeating "Friends don't let friends trade at Scottrade. Friends don't let friends trade at Scottrade. Friends don't let friends trade at Scottrade. ......

    You get the picture.

    As DA-NET said - go with QuoteTracker for the software. It will work with most major brokers and if you switch brokers/datafeeds, you don't have to switch your trading/charting program:

    Would be kind of hard to recommend a specific broker since we don't know what type of trading you are going to do. There are a bunch that will fit most beginners as well as very advanced users. MB Trading and Interactive Brokers come to mind