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  1. The purpose of this thread is to post charts of interest, with occasional market commentary and discussion thrown in.

    Wasn't sure the best forum as the chart selection will be wide ranging -- stocks, ETFs, futures, forex etc -- and the TA forum seems devoted to methodology minutia as opposed to visualized market observations.
  2. Too bad it's so damn hard to borrow...

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    British Chancellor: We've "run out of money."

    No you haven't, dude... you're just getting ready to print...
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    Hi Ho Silver! Nice follow through action today.

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    SINA Executives say they can focus on profitability instead of verifying names this year...

    Same should apply to RENN - and today's breakout looks like a follow through to 1/27 surge.

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    Gold Breakout as well. Notice that price target is about $2766 by the end of 2015.

    For those unfamiliar with this calculation and projection you see there is a 3 year long Flag pole and a Bullish falling flag that formed over the last few months. There has been a breakout of this falling flag as well as the stochastics, MACD and EMA crossovers on the weekly chart. Take the length of the flag pole ($1923.70 - $681 = $1242.70) and add that to the low of the flag ...$1242.70 +1523.90 = $2766.60

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    Time for grains to move?
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    Silver getting whacked today, but maybe not as bad as it seems... from 2/29 GMN
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    Where next for financials?
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